34 Lies to kill

34 Lies to kill

This following verse in the Catechism of the Catholic Church book fits Chris Lombardo of Naples, Florida to a T who is a pathological liar who also believes his own lies. Lombardo perjured himself on the stand, lied to judges faces as a attorney and had others lie for him.


This is one of the 10 Commandments: You shall not bear FALSE WITNESS against your neighbor.


When it is made publicly, a statement contrary to the truth takes on a particular gravity. In court it becomes FALSE WITNESS When it is under oath - it is PERJURY Acts such as these contribute to condemnation of the innocent, exoneration of the guilty, or increased punishment of the accused. They gravely compromise the exercise of JUSTICE and the FAIRNESS of JUDICIAL DECISIONS.

Chris Lombardo is a pathological liar. He believes his own lies. He is with Woodward, Pires and Lombardo law firm in Naples, Florida. He perjured (Perjury) himself 3 times in front of Judge Padar in 10 minutes on the stand on 11-19-2021 --Just think what he did in over 6 years as my wife's attorney. He lied 3 times - I was going to hurt them and his family, that i blocked his office driveway and he called 911 and that my divorce was over when he was trying to still jam another $150,000 bill down my throat when he had already stolen 90 percent of my net worth.
Over 25% of what Lombardo says to a judge - to the judges faces- as a litigator are lies. This is Legal Malpractice. Judge Gentile is Lombardo's partner in crime.- They are tied at each others hips. I have nightmares about his lies that I acted out in the Double Talking Jackass cartoon video I put on You Tube. I have sometimes combined 2-3 nightmares into one skit I acted out. You will see how Lombardo has 7 others lie I'm going to murder them when Lombardo has deciples like Charles Manson where they lie and kill for him and Gentile. They killed my brother-in-law. Lombardo also twists the truth to be a half truth or a complete lie as you see below. When I started trying to stop Lombardo and Gentile from stealing my money- Grand Larceny-which I did every thing legally- recuse, disbar and impeach- they lie I'm Threatening them. I have no criminal record. All through my case they keep putting me in jail by saying I'm going to Hurt the, Threaten them, Stalk them or Harass them--All lies. This is a massive conspiracy on their part is to frame me to look like a crazy, violent convicted felon to cover up their 18 felonies against me and their 45 violations of my civil rights. Please see the Hawaii case on my website where public servants lose their immunities when they become criminals. My case is so outrageous that it is hard to believe all these things could happen in one divorce case from hell. They want to tarnish my image so I look like a monster in front of Judge Padar or any criminal judge. I have done nothing wrong in my life except marry the wrong women, so they lie about me. Both Lombardo and Gentile lied or perjured themselves in front of Judge Padar that I'm going to Hurt them and their families. I do not know their families or have I ever seen them except Zack Lombardo in the courtroom. This is Lombardo's strategy- Legal malpractice and Malicious prosecution to lie and torture you on the criminal side of the courthouse as he and Gentile steal your life savings on the civil side of the courthouse. This massive conspiracy on the part of Lombardo and Gentile is to make me look like a crazy convicted felon -has many other people or deciples also included in the conspiracy.. It is all in the transcripts-- The truth hurts. Lombardo and Gentile's deciples like Charles Manson are Judge Gentile, Judge Evans, my ex, Assistant DA James Stuart, Intel sheriff John Lathrup, my criminal defense attorney Derek Verdaramo and Eliott Shellenberg with Kaufman Rossin accountants. The following 34 are Outright Lies, Lie to Kill where they lie I'm going to murder people and twisting of the truth lies.

1. When Lombardo and Gentile came aboard I tried to recuse Gentile pro se and he refused. Lombardo hired Gentile right out of law school. I called, texted and emailed Lombardo to settle and he put me in jail for Cyberstalking. All lies. When I try to investigate Lombardo and Gentile as thieves etc they lie I'm stalking them.

2. Lombardo and Gentile have put me in jail 9 times on false charges or lies and I have gone in front of 24 criminal judges in my civil divorce.

3. I have 6 false restraining orders against me - all lies to make me look violent.

4. When I was put ln jail for Cyberstalking they then had Intel sheriff John Lathrup from Lee County interview me in the Collier County jail. I told him I was writing a fiction book called Who Killed Me, having major nightmares and I had a cellmate who was a gangmember. Lathrup in his writeup says my Fiction book was going to come to life and I was going to kill people that I was clever and that my nightmares were going to come to life and I was going to klll people and that I told my cellmate -Ozzie- that I was going to have Ozzie kill people . All preposterous lies. My family and I went over to Ozzie's girlfriends house after I got of jail and told her Ozzie loved her and we all prayed together. Ozzie's eyes go in different directions and he couldn't hit a barn with a gun.

5. When Judge Gentile was on the stand in front of Chief Justice Williams Gentile compared me to the Parkland Florida murderer. Only a desperate and unfit Judge would say this. He wants me to look violent. - a frame job. I don't have a criminal record.

6. Gentile perjured himself in front of Judge Padar that I was going to hurt him and his family and that I put my case on You Tube to recruit gangmembers worldwide to kill him. A very guilty Judge.

7. Since I have bodyguards in jail to protect me from vicious murderers Lombardo and Gentile say i will have the bodyguards to kill them.

8. Lombardo and Gentile insinuate I am a gang member. Preposterous.

9. Lombardo had my mentally ill wife perjure herself on the stand that I took a knife to her throat to kill her.

10. One of my wife's lovers--Paul the Rapist- said I told his son I was going to kill Paul the rapist.
11. I wrote Paul the Rapist to stay away from my mentally wIfe. Lombardo lied I was Stalking Paul the Rapist.

12. Lombardo has Paul the Rapist stand next to me in Gentiles courtroom--never seen Paul the Rapist before- And Lombardo got a restraining order against me so Paul the Rapist could have sex with my mentally ill wife.

13. Lombardo and Gentile hid another married Collier County judge was having sex with my mentally ill wife. Lombardo and Gentile are perverts and sexual predators.

14. After this Lombardo and Gentile raided my private investigators office without probable cause or lies to see if I had evidence that Lombardo and Gentile were having sex with my mentally ll wife. This I think was a twist to have Paul the Rapist as a disguise to cover Lombardo and Gentile having sex with my mentally ill wife. Statutory rape.

15. Lombardo had his accountant Elliott Shellenberg of low end accountants - Kaufman Rossin- lie on the stand he was a CPA. The biased Judge Evans didn't care.

16. Lombardo had Elliott lie on the stand that he put extra lighting on his house because I was coming over to klll him.

17. Lombardo lied and perjured himself on the stand in front of Judge Padar that I blocked his office driveway -that he called 911 and I was going to kill him --all lies.

18. Lombardo and Gentile had Judge Evans lie and perjure herself from the bench that I had a private investigator sitting in her driveway. She never got his card. Her way of lying that I'm a violent person.

19. Lombardo lied I fired my first attorney - Mark Silverio- when he quit when my Merrill Lynch guy found a $150,000 discrepency when Judge Grieder quit , my attorney and her attorney all quit at the same time. What the hell? We had a signed settlement agreement. Lombardo lied to cover up i think the 3 way split of $50,000 each.

20. Gentile had just stolen my life savings and promoted statutory rape of my wife . I sat in his public courtroom after he was recused and he threatened me . It is on audio. Gentile charged me with a felony 3 or Aggravated Stalking which is not even a misdemeanor.

21. At this time I drove by his house on a public street to see if the pervert was having sex with my mentally ill wife. He didn't see me drive by. I told the JQC to stop these thieves and perverts. This not a misdemeanor. They lied both were felonies. I was in jail the first time for 5 months and now in jail 1 year on the same false charges or lies.

22. Lombardo lied and posted most wanted signs of me.

23. Lombardo had Sheriff John Lathrup lie to the Wisconsin FBI that I had felony charges against me when I went to the FBI to help me with this corruption in Florida.

24. Lombardo lied I was going to hurt or kill the Merrill Lynch attorney.

25. Lombardo threatened my Merrill Lynch wealth manager that he would lose his job and the Merrill Lynch guy never spoke to me again and he managed my money.

26. Lombardo sanctioned my divorce attorney when she said Lombardo had put another guy in jail in a civil divorce.

27. Lombardo and Gentile had Assistant DA James Stuart have my criminal defense attorney Derek Verdaramo lie to me if I did not go to trial to tell about the corruption I was not a convicted felon. It turned out I was a convicted felon.

28. Lombardo had my wife lie or perjure herself differently than what was on the settlement agreement signed with Judge Grieder.

29. Lombardo and I were discussing the law of separation. I told him we were not separated -that we were snowbirds and not in homes in the same state plus my wife was mentally ill. I told Lomnardo since he had 2 homes in Florida it was easier for Lombardo's wife to have sex with others than my wife. The next thing I know Lombardo told Judge Crown I was going to Gangbang Lombardo's wife and Crown signed to send out the USMarshalls that killed m brother in law.

30. Lombardo and Gentile lie to Stuart to manipulate the court system to keep putting me in jail on false charges.

31. Lombardo told Gentile not to worry about my mentally ill wife who is an attorney to buy a house with joint money and put it in her name only and a fake name.

32. Lombardo had my wife lie to Judge Evans that she didn't know how much money she had from the divorce knowing the money distribution was lopsided that it was much different than the settlement agreement with Judge Grieder.

33. Lomarrdo would lie that he put his office and house on lockdown when I came in from Wisconsin for trial when Lombardo murdered my brother in law, stole my life savings and promoted statutory rape of my wife--Twisting of the truth.

34. Lombardo and Gentile Iied I was harassing them with my You Tube presentation that was telling the truth of my nightmares caused by them and and that i had acted out. They say my acting is harassing them when I'm trying to act out my nightmares like Saturday Night Live skits and Gieco TV Commercials.

All of the above 34 are Abuse of power, Judicial abuse, malicious prosecution , legal malpractice and ATTEMPTED MURDER.