Character assassination

Character assassination

Fear mongering, psychological terror or malicious lies called character assassination.

This is what happened to me in my 10-year divorce case which is a Civil case and not a Criminal case.
I was married 13 years and my divorce is now going into the 11th year.
I have never committed a felony or misdemeanor in my life; I'm now 78.
I have never hurt anyone or have I been in a fight in my life.
I have never owned a gun or have I ever done drugs.
I have never smoked a cigarette or do I drink.
I come from a family of faith and I'm well educated. I retired from a major corporation as a multimillionaire.
In my divorce, they did the following to me to make me look violent to cover up their major crimes against myself and my family. Their crimes include Grand Larceny, Statutory Rape, Felony Murder, etc...
How do they make you look violent? They lie about you.

Judge Geoffrey Gentile stated on the witness stand in front of Chief Justice Williams of Sarasota (change of venue in my case because of all the conflict of interest and crimes in Naples) that I was comparable to the Parkland, Florida murderer who killed seventeen kids.

Assistant District Attorney James Stewart had Sheriff John Lathrop interview me in jail and I told Lathrop that my case was making me have major bad nightmares. I told him we were writing a fiction book "Who killed Me" about the corrupt people in my case. In Sheriff Lathrop's write-up he said I was going to murder people.

My ex-wife is mentally ill and put both of her sons in jail fifteen times each before they were 14 on faking domestic violence. She put me in jail twice on faking domestic violence and Chris Lombardo, her attorney, also did.

Lombardo, Gentile and Evans stole 93% of my net worth, which was over $6 million.
I tried to impeach and disbar. They kept putting me in jail with false charges and false imprisonment. I have been shackled and chained many times. Lombardo and Gentile knew when they began stealing my money that my wife was mentally ill and I just had six heart operations which is also Elder Abuse.

I have been put in jail nine times and in prison once to make me look violent.
In fighting their lies and corruption, I have gone in front of thirty-two judges in my divorce, of which twenty-three have been criminal judges. This is a Civil divorce case.

Lombardo kept promoting Statutory Rape of my mentally ill wife in Gentile's courtroom. They were trying to break me to do a crime to put me in jail longer. Psychological Terror.

Judge Mary Evans allowed my divorce case to turn into a criminal case in her civil courtroom, which is a Kangaroo Court - a farse or joke. She wanted me to look violent so she could give away 93% of my net worth in order to not fight back financially.

I was put in a paddy wagon where I was beat up by a double murderer going from jail to a prison.

I have six false restraining orders put on by Stewart, Lombardo and Gentile - the tag team from hell.

Lombardo told Judge Evans I was going to gang-bang Lombardo's wife.

During the change of venue, State's Attorney Amira Fox had to get Governor De Santis and Chief Justice Canady of the Supreme Court of Florida's approval. She lied to them that I threatened Stewart.

Stewart changed my plea agreement. I plead to what I did which were not even misdemeanors. He changed the plea to Felony 3s or Aggravated Stalking.

Stewart lied to the FBI that I had felony charges against me and they put me in jail.

Stewart made me a fugitive after the FBI let me out of jail on false felony charges.

Lombardo did character assassination to Judge Crown and the US Marshalls were sent out after me at my 87 year old sister's house. The trauma of the raid made my 87 year old brother-in-law die shortly thereafter. This is felony murder by Stewart, Lombardo and Gentile. No probable cause for the raid. Stewart destroyed the evidence of the raid. Stewart changed my arrest warrant and my probation papers.
Remember that this is is a civil divorce case and not a criminal case!

I have been kicked out of Florida for ten years so I can't hire a Florida Attorney. They want me to look violent.

I have been put on probation for ten years and I have never committed a felony or misdemeanor in my life.

I have to wear an ankle bracelet for ten years to look violent.

Lombardo, Gentile and Stewart raided my private investigator's office to see who raped my mentally ill wife. They also kicked me out of two of my homes.

Judge Evans perjured herself from the bench that I had a private investigator sitting in her driveway. She never talked to them or got a business card. She just lied to make me look violent.

Lombardo, Stewart and Gentile put me in jail when I told all of this on Youtube. They are scared of the truth.

Judge Gentile told Judge Donna Padar, while on the stand, that I put my case on Youtube so I could recruit gang members world-wide to kill him. The Sarasota assistant district attorney altered this in the audio and was fired.

Judge Padar put me in prison out of hate because I'm taking down these corrupt judges. She stated in open court I was violent because she was covering up the major crimes of these Naples Judges. This is a conspiracy on her part. I have evidence now to put seven people in prison for years, which includes four judges. So they put me in prison to die.

This is why they defamed me: to save their ass. They are so guilty they come after me with a vengeance.
Stay tune and see how social media turns my case against the wicked.