Criminal hearing 10/13/2022

Criminal hearing 10/13/2022
  1. Giovana - you did a great job yesterday.
  2. Jeff You can see how different the business world is from the antiquated legal system. We discuss issues freely in the business world and not get kicked out of the building. Did you enjoy the waiting room yesterday? I hope you are not in the hospital. When someone lies or tells half truths like Van ElsWick you can't respond. That happened all through my divorce case. In the business world Van Elswick would have been fired as soon as he told his half truths. Half truths are lies and would cause one to be fired. Today Van Elswick told the following lies. a. He asked me about my plea agreement today that I signed when on 11-19-21 or 4-2022 hearing- see transcripts - Van Els wick asked me what I plead too. I told him to non misdemeanors where today he said I plead to aggravated stalking. I did not plead to any criminal activity. You can see Lombardo is talking to Van Elswick to lie for them. . Lombardo and Gentile are desperate to have others lie. Giovana will be getting the transcripts of all criminal hearings and have an a appeal summary made. We need to know the costs. I was going to have my private investigator get the audios but the transcripts are better. b. Van Elswick stated that free speech was between 2 people talking together or next to each other but it wasn't free speech if you talk on You Tube about your story. c. Van Elswick stated that when you talk on You Tube to someone it is direct and it doesn't make any difference how they got the info. His a. and b. are wrong. Indirect is when I tell someone else to contact Lombardo. Van Elswick is throwing shit up against the wall to see if Judge Padar is stupid. It is refreshing to see a fair judge--not like the 20th circuit. See below where Lombardo is having Van Elswick do Fear Mongering on Lombardos employees quitting because they are scared of me. Jeff Thanks for being there today. Jeff We will win because we are walking down the path of rightiousness--23rd Psalm. Jeff Stay healthy- we are in his corruption fight together.
  3. Giovana - Christian White the public defender - I had to use- even thou I'm a multi-millionaire--Use to be -- Christian has the audio of my visit to Gentile's public courtroom that Gentile charged me with a Felony 3. My audio is in Arizona. You can hear Gentile threaten me and I told him I would approach the bench if we could be GENTLEMEN. Van Elswick lied and said my actions were malicious when I sat in Gentile's courtroom. I sat in public courtrooms all through law school. He also stated my driving by Gentile's house was malicious when Gentile didn't even see me drive by. Van Elswck lied this was malicious and he talked about tying these 2 together. Courtroom visit and drive by. I drove by to see if the sexual Predator- Gentile was screwing Anita. I told this to the JQC- Mike McDermott. I asked for his help on these perverts and thieves Gentile and Lombardo- and he wouldn't help and that is why I added McDermotts name to the felony murder charge of Uncle Bob. You can see how desperate Lombardo and Gentle are to say these are Felony 3 charges.
  4. Also VERY VERY Important. The judge brought up the US Marshall raid on her own and got that into evidence where Uncle Bob died shortly thereafter. Our case of murder is now in the criminal courts. That is the main reason I went forward with my narrative and not plead the Fifth. I may have to stay in jail longer but I don't want Uncle Bob to die in vain. Lombardo and Gentile want to get away with murder. rape and grand larceny---The walls are closing in on them. When we get the transcripts you will see that Judge Padar said I could give a narrative. The transcripts on 11-19-21 will also show how Lombardo perjured himself sitting in the witness chair. Lombardo also lies in open court to judges which is legal malpractice. Lombardo had 7 people lie I was going to murder them or someone. Lombardo is a savage- an uncaged gorilla and a sado masichist
  5. When Lombardo and Gentile first brought the violation of probation - I thought they were suing for harassment of my 15 Creative expression videos. Yesterday Van Elwick said all 61 videos were harassment. Remember when you tell the truth on You Tube it is not malicious. Lombardo and Gentile are suing for harassment and not libel or slander. They are admitting they are thieves, rapists and murderers by suing for harassment only. . The truth hurts and they are having Van Elswick lie for them. Van Elwick doesn't even know the difference between You Tube and my website. Van Elswick is not on point and needs a competency test. Van Elswick would have been fired instantly at Walgreens. You can see Lombardo had Van Elswick lie about all Lombardos secretaries were quitting because they were scared of me. Even Van Elswick lied for Lombardo. It is amazing how Assistant DA's have to lie to get promoted. Also like Stuart lied that my charges were Felony 3's. Stuart also destroyed evidence. Lombardo had Stuart lie. In the business world we make money for our company and tell the truth to get promoted. - not by lying to get false convictions and hurt someone's life. Van Elswick also did not like my skit where I was eating 2 burgers at the same time. Maybe Van Elswick is jealous because Van Elswick eats 3 burgers at a time. Eating 2 burgers stuck in Van Elswick's mind which is good advertising. He remembered. You can see that Van Elswick majored in sewing or knitting in college and not business.
  6. The legitimate purpose of all 61 videos is to tell family and friends about my complicated story and tell in detail of the murder of Uncle Bob. This may be the first time in US history that a judge is up for murder. Also I'm looking for a corruption attorney which are hard to find. Most attorneys will not take on a corrupt judge because it will hurt their future business. That is why I went on You Tube to find someone outside of Florida. Van Elswick is saying I need to find an attorney the normal way and not by You Tube which is modern technology and obstruction of justice by Van Elswick. The legitimate purpose of the 15 Creative Expression videos were to show the stress etc Lombardo and Gentile put me through on the criminal side of the courthouse in a civil divorce case. This torture, gorilla war tactics and stress caused my major nightmares which can cause a stroke and death since i had had 6 a-fb heart operations. This is why I tried to set a legal precedent by acting out my nightmares. Nightmares are not always the same as reality but many were related to my case. So Giovana I'm a good actor acting out crazy nightmares The nightmares are crazy and not me. Judge Padar smiled when you brought up my crazy nightmares comparing them to Saturday night live skits. Saturday night skits are thought out before acting. I'm acting out crazy nightmares that were not planned--that is why my creative acting was awesome. I'm thinking of auditioning for other singing and acting jobs since Lombardo and Gentile stole 90 percent of my net worth. Van Elswick is trying to deny my right to find a corruption attorney on You Tube --maybe he will try to stop me from finding employment by acting out more skits to get a possible job as a sponsor for Kentucky Fried Chicken since I look like the Colonel. This is Obstruction of Justice etc. by Van Elswick. It is against my Constitutional rights.
  7. In my 9 year divorce I have been in front of 32 Judges of which 24 are criminal judges-Judge Padar is the 24th. --an endurance race for me at 77. Van Elswick said some nice things about me and Lombardo and Gentile. Just because we have high positions doesn't mean we can do actions that are above he law. I go by the book of ethics- the bible. I have no criminal record. I have never hurt anyone or committed a crime. I do pro bono legal work for the poor through my church. Lombardo- Gentile and Van Elswick are taking on a CHOIRBOY even thou my singing is not the best. Lombardo and Gentile have no idea how to spell Ethics. I don't care if Gentile wears a black robe. Walgreens fires unethical people. Lombardo, Gentile. Stuart etc are unethical and criminals. They should be in jail and not me.
  8. Many news reporters ask people on the street of their opinions. I did this but also said I go by he book of recusing, disbarring and and impeaching and not their answers. The question was--- If an attorney and a Judge stole your life savings, raped your mentally ill wife and murdered your family member what would you do? Van Elswick tried to imply I was going to kill Gentile and Lombardo etc. Van Elswick lied. Many people are not competent where I am as stated by Dr Arias . The mental evaluation has strengthened my case. Many have disorders etc and would do the opposite of myself. I'm a Choirboy and go by the book of Ethics--the bible.
  9. At all times when I'm in jail I have 3 bodyguards to PROTECT ME. I give them extra food and commissary. Lombardo and Gentile insinuate I'm going to use the bodyguards to Ki ll Them because a couple are gang members. . Intel Sheriff John Lathrup lied that my bodyguard-Ozzie- a gang member that I was going to have Ozzie ki ll a lover. Lathrup also lied in his report that my fiction book was going to come to life and I was going to kl ll people. Lathrup also lied that my nightmares are going to come to life and I was going to ki ll people. How do you fight these liars. They have nothing on me so they have to lie to frame me as a violent person. This is FEAR MONGERING. Gentile even in Front of Judge Padar said that I used You Tube to recruit gangmembers worldwide to hurt or ki ll them See transcripts. Van Elswick tried to extend this fear that Lombardo was going to lose employees when I came in from Wisconsin for trial. I am not violent. I have not even received a MRV in jail. Minor Rules Violation.
  10. My website is private and still up. You Tube is public and was taken down 8-2021 I have the right to be on both per my probation officer Halliare--see transcripts. You Tube is public like Facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest You can put hash tags on these public platforms and when a word like false imprisonment comes up on other platforms you will be able to see it on your platform when you type in False imprisonment.. This is not true on the website. You Tube is not direct to anyone even if you have subscribers. My You Tube was turned off so no one could contact me by You Tube. You could go off You Tube and call me. Van Elswick is not on point at all on the difference of You Tube to my website. He is not prepared. My website is my personal diary and my documentary of my case.
  11. Giovana I have been in jail 9 times fighting corruption. This time I have been in jail 16 1/2 months or about 2 years total. I was in jail 5 months for the false aggravated stalking charges and 16 1/2 for the so called violation. Let's try to get a bond, transcripts and appeal memorandum.

Thank you.