I Will Overcome

I Will Overcome

At 78, I will overcome another physical injury caused by Chris Lombardo, the most unethical divorce attorney in the United States.

I will overcome a 10-year divorce that is still not over where Chris Lombardo has made three Judges criminals along with many attorneys. This is the biggest corruption case in US history.

I will overcome 18 felonies committed against me by Chris Lombardo including battery, or called attempted murder in my case, due to the quantity of injuries. The other crimes include felony murder, promoting statutory rape and grand larceny.
Lombardo is so desperate and guilty you don't know what he will do. He runs wild and rogue.

I will overcome the fact I have been placed in a violent prison by Chris Lombardo. He has done this to cover his many felonies against me and my family. He has used character assassination and fear mongering to make me look violent. Judge Padar believed him and I was sentenced to five years in a violent prison when I have never committed a felony or misdemeanor in my life. I have no criminal record.
The violent prison I'm now in is the Reception Center in Orlando, Florida where criminals of all types of crimes come in from the county jails. Fights, gangs and stabbings occur here more than normal. This is my fourth prison I have been in in five months.
I feel Lombardo and the judges had something to do with placing me here because it is now a permanent prison for me where others are sent to less violent prisons.
This prison is like a War Zone. A drug deal went bad and a guy was hit in the face right in front of me. A mentally ill guy who was seen washing his face in the toilet was also beat up. Rain comes in through the walls. Another was bit by a spider and had to go to medical. You are caged in a 2-man cell. If you have a heart problem, or whatever, you can not communicate with the guards.

I will overcome this latest physical injury like I have all the others. Lombardo does this to keep himself out of prison. How many people are injured in a divorce??? Not many.
The divorce from hell caused by Chris Lombardo. He is very sadistic and enjoys seeing you suffer.

I will overcome this latest injury where I had seven stitches put in over my left eye. In a mad rush by 80 guys to eat at our outside prison cafeteria in a rain downpour, I was pushed in the rear and slipped on the yellow lined painted on the concrete sidewalk. I went down head first on the concrete hitting my head, my left wrist and chest on the sidewalk. My left wrist and chest are very bruised. The bruises on my right wrist are almost healed from the handcuffs two weeks earlier. I think I'm the oldest in this prison.
In prison you are a number and not a human being. I should never be in prison.

I will overcome this latest injury like I have survived all the others injuries in my 10-year divorce. I have been beat up by a double murderer in a patty wagon.
I have a bad case of PTSD caused by the nine times I have been put in jail on false charges, shackled and chained, kicked out of my houses, and the raids by the sheriffs and US Marshalls all instigated by Chris Lombardo.
I have had six heart operations, the latest, an Ablation for A-Fib. I have emotional distress caused by his gorilla war tactics. I have a torn rotator cuff and have become diabetic in prison going between a 1 and 2 diabetic.
Due to the Florida prisons not being air conditioned, I eat less and have lost 56 pounds in the last two and a half years. God has healed or will heal all these injuries because he has a purpose for me to stop corruption in Naples, Florida and all the under the table tactics caused by Chris Lombardo.
Lombardo does all this by hate, sex and greed. My case is a total miscarriage of justice. I will never lose to corruption. I will overcome.