James Stuart Law

James Stuart Law

The above Laws should be added to the Criminal Justice Statutes of Florida.

THE JAMES STUART LAW James Stuart is a very unethical and corrupt Assistant District Attorney in Naples, Florida. The James Stuart Law revolves around my case and what James Stuart has done to me and probably many others. Assistant DA James Stuart wants to hurt innocent people by getting false convictions to get promoted. All Assistant DA's can prosecute to the fullest but not to step over the line and become a criminal. THE JAMES STUART LAW is: Any Assistant DA who lies about you, makes up false charges against you, hides and destroys evidence, murders someone, uses fear mongering, manipulates the court system with the help of Judges and my criminal defense attorney--Derek Verdaramo as an example- is abuse of power, malicious prosecution, Judicial abuse, and obstruction of justice--They should be punished severely in the legal system. This CORRUPTION must STOP. We don't live in a third world country. James Stuart lied about my charges saying they were Felony 3's when they weren't even misdemeanors, destroyed video evidence of a raid, hid evidence about my arrest warrant, manipulated the legal system with Judge Gentile and Derek Verdaramo and carried out the murder of my family member. If any Assistant DA is found guilty of any of the James Stuart Law - they will be disbarred immediately for life and put in prison and pay fines etc. Any Assistant DA who did what Stuart did should serve the same sentence that they convicted the person falsely for. Example If there are 3 different people serving 5 year false sentences the Assistant DA will serve 15 years minimum in prison--Consecutive and not concurrent. The law school that the Assistant DA attended like James Stuart- should be notified so the law school can help prosecute their students who didn't learn ethics. Law schools should be ranked by how many offenders they have that violate the James Stuart law. Legal Ethics should be a 3-4 hour class in law school and not a 1 hour class. Ethics is much more important than some worthless electives. The Sarasota DA -Van Elswick used fear mongering against me. I asked people on the street what they would do in my situation. Van Elswick insinuated I would do the same as the people on the street when I stated I go by the Bible and the legal book of ethics --recuse, disbar and impeach. THE DEREK VERDARAMO LAW. This law should also be added to the Florida Statues of Criminal Justice. Verdaramo was my criminal defense attorney. I told him I wanted to go to trial if I was considered a convicted felon. I paid him $28,000 to go to trial. Stuart did not want me to go to trial to blow the roof off the Naples corruption. Stuart and Verdaramo worked favortism with each other and I did not get a fair trial. Verdaramo told me I was not a convicted felon if I signed the plea agreement saying if I plead no contest - That I was not guilty, not innocent and not a convicted felon because my charges weren't even misdemeanors. This was a lie by Verdaramo. I did not plead to any criminal activity. I plead to what I did which are not even misdemeanors and Verdaramo and Stuart lied and said my charges were Felony 3's. I was considered a convicted felon falsely. Verdaramo wanted future business from Stuart so Verdaramo sold me out for future business and his future mortgage payments. Verdaramo told me he had a big house. Verdaramo should be disbarred. THE ANITA JOHNSON LAW Anita Johnson is my ex wife and faked domestic violence twice and put me in jail falsely. I have evidence she did it to my step sons. Many are in jail because of faking of domestic violence. Any suspicious arrest claim by anyone- the spouse should also go to jail at the same time and see if one is telling the truth. Jail is hell. If that person who falsely makes that claim of domestic violence is considered lying by a jury - that person will go to prison as long as the falsely accused was to go to jail.