Judge Padar should be impeached and disbarred

Judge Padar should be impeached and disbarred

This is how Judge Donna Padar became a criminal. She should be impeached and disbarred for life. CONSPIRACY.

She intentionally put a innocent man in prison: me. I'm in prison as I write this.
I'm in a transition prison with hardened criminals, murderers, you name it. This is a high risk prison hoping I die in a fight, stabbing etc...
Is it conspiracy or attempted murder by Judge Padar to protect judges who are criminals?

I have no criminal record.

Keep in mind my original charge is where I sat in a public courtroom and they charged me with a felony.

They say I violated probation by putting my true divorce case on Youtube. Neither are misdemeanors. They are scarred, desperate and guilty because I can convict corrupt judges.
They make me out to be a violent person to cover up their crimes. This is why she allowed character assassination and fear mongering of me during sentencing: conspiracy.

Most violations of probation last maybe 3-6 months in jail in Florida or shorter. My probation hearing was delayed, delayed and delayed for 2 years. Why?
Her tactic is to delay the case to let the criminals and public servants keep their freedom as long as possible: conspiracy.

The longer she delayed, the longer she was able to cover up all the criminal activities of the 20th Circuit. Rape, grand larceny, murder etc... conspiracy.

I've had six heart operations and became diabetic in jail.
By delaying and delaying my case of violation of probation she was hoping I would die in prison because of my age (78): conspiracy.

Now that I'm in a high risk prison, she is hoping I die early from natural causes or be stabbed and what not: conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

She had me take a competency test to delay my case by almost a year.
I passed the competency test with flying colors and yet, she didn't care or took it into consideration in her decision.
She was on a mission to stop me in my pursuit of justice: a conspiracy. No Justice Padar.

She ruled against me out of hate like Judge Evans did. Evans gave away 93% of my net worth so I couldn't fight back financially. They both ruled out of hate because I have evidence to convict judges of major crimes: conspiracy.

I tried to tell Judge Padar the truth in the probation hearing before sentencing and she cut me off for a competency test.
I had given her my Letter to Reconsider telling all the true facts of my case which I feel she refused to read. This was after the sentencing.
She wanted me to take the Fifth or stop talking to incriminate myself in the hearing; I refused both.
She was upset because she couldn't cover up the truth: a conspiracy and no justice.
Her mission was to obstruct justice; a disgrace to Wellesley College and U of Fla Law.
She didn't learn ethics in law school; just hate.

She's been covering  up criminal activities of other judges called the Black Robe Society: a conspiracy, which is impeachable.

She was very happy to sentence an innocent man to prison to protect judges who are criminals.
"Give him the MAX Padar", "Get rid of him out of hate; an innocent person".

The Oregon case she used to put me in prison for violation of probation does not apply to Youtube, but to Facebook; another way of obstructing my justice to fight back and another delay to cover up crimes of other judges. She couldn't find a Florida case that applies: a Conflict of Laws.
The longer she delays or covers up these crimes, the longer the criminals are out in society.
Her ruling is a conspiracy.

Her boss, Chief Justice Williams had come to Naples four years ago and didn't know my case. I doubt he even knew my name. He ruled in favor of Judge Gentile: a thief. One who promotes rape and murder; one who uses Judicial abuse.
Judge Williams gave me a million dollar bond when I have never committed a felony or misdemeanor in my life. He was protecting a judge who is a criminal.
I feel he told Judge Padar to rule against me out of hate to protect the legal integrity of the court system: conspiracy.
Where is the justice? They are saying we don't rule by the law, but by hate.

There was a Change of Venue to Chief Justice Williams' 12th Circuit because of conflict of interest and crimes by judges in the 20th Circuit.
Judges Williams and Padar did not care Governor Desantis approved this Change of Venue. They were on a mission to cover up felonies of other Judges: conspiracy.

In my probation hearing sentencing, Judge Padar found an out-of-state law from Oregon that had the word "indirect" in it. She used it to put me in prison. Not much law on my case.
By finding a case that does not apply is another delay to protect corrupt judges: conspiracy.

Judge Padar uses cruel and unusual punishment or what I call Legal Rape.
It is a hammer over your head when you didn't even commit a misdemeanor.
Judges are putting people in prison for 5 years when your tail light is out, you are late five minutes for a curfew, putting your case on Youtube. It should be a new charge to violate probation.

My probation hearing was so out of control the 12th Circuit DA was fired. Judge Padar had jurisdiction over my entire case, but wouldn't fire The 20th Circuit DA: James Stewart.
He changed my plea agreement and is a murderer: conspiracy.

Judge Padar even made fun of Mr. Walgreen in the probation hearing not knowing he was one of the best businessmen in the world. A disgrace.