What many use: Misinformation.
What Lombardo and Gentile did to me in front of Judge Padar: Character assassination.

Both are LIES.

One may be an opinion and the other perjury, but both bear false witness against the 9th Commandment.
Here are snippets from an article in Decision, Billy Graham's Newspaper:

Russian chess grand master Garry Kasparov said, "The point of modern propaganda is to misinform, push an agenda and to exhaust your critical thinking so as to annihilate the TRUTH."
Similarly, John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, has said: “This post-truth culture is making critical thinking an exhausting battle, with their barrage of lies and deception, which is intended to wear us down and exhaust our will to fight against the deception.”
Though we may live in what some have called a land of liars, what kind of algorithm must one use to justify deception and dishonesty?

The bible says the truth will set you free, but they twisted the truth in my case.
The truth indirectly contacted someone. The truth should always win out.
Their lies and perjury will keep me going down the right path or the path of righteousness.