List of songs, prayers, poems bible verses and movies

List of songs, prayers, poems bible verses and movies

A CORRUPTION POEM--written by one of my convict buddies (Buzzard) that I am presently behind bars with in Naples, Florida. Corruption is as prominent as water is to a fish, weather it's political, judicial, economic, social or religious. We are surrounded by it and many don't even realize it because it is blended into our every day life, it starts with one, then two and many people are easily sacrificed in the name of it and when you point it out many have been indoctrinated to think that's the way it is. But its NOT. Think of it as a orchestrated symphony with an uncanny number of well know musicians playing a tune the more mortal would not be able to dance to--making up notes as they go- quickly to be covered up by the crescendo - leaving the audience unaware of the few playing to the tune of their own beat. But there is a man who has an ear for this injustice and can easily stop these rogue musicians. A man whose voice reaches beyond the very bars (jail bars and musical bars) made to silence him and across the thresholds, where these Perverts of Justice dwell. His name is the JUSTICE MAN -- BRENT If anyone would to be a CORRUPTION ADVOCATE with me please contact me at

Psalms 82 God presides over heaven's court. He pronounces judgment on the heavenly bodies. How long will he allow judges to hand down unjust decisions by favoring the wicked. Give justice to ones in need. Uphold the rights of the oppressed. Deliver the ones in need from the grasp of evil people. Because the oppressors know nothing --They are ignorant. APPLICATION Lombardo hired Judge Gentile right out of law school for Lombardos law firm. A conflict of interest Lombardo and Gentile are wicked. Judge Gentile is unjust and evil. Gentile has no idea what a court of Equity is because he is ignorant. General Patton To win war you have to become war. APPLICATION I'm fighting corruption and the truth will win out. I'm doing what is right Jim Valvano Never give up. APPLICATION I'm not. Never let your obstacles be more important than you goals. APPLICATION I'm a one man band fighting corruption but the truth will win out. I'm doing what is right. What we do in life echoes in eternity APPLICATION We will see. Justice is righteousness or the right way to deal with people. Lombardo and Gentile have no idea what this means. Psalms 7-14 The wicked conceive evil. They are pregnant with trouble and give birth to lies. They dig a deep pit to trap others then fall into it themselves. The trouble they make for others backfires on them. The violence they plan falls on their own heads. APPLICATION Time will tell. See my website, blog and You Tube. Please read my story. As I say the truth will win out.
Ecc 5-8 Don't be surprised if you see a person being oppressed by the powerful and justice is being miscarried throughout the land. For very official is under orders from higher up and matters of justice gets lost in red tape and bureaucracy. APPLICATION My 8 year atrocious civil divorce case that turned criminal is a total miscarriage of justice and was lost in the red tape of the 8 years of transcripts of the antiquated legal system in Naples, Florida until I put my case on You Tube and justice will prevail for me if get Lombardo, Gentile, Stuart etc in front of a jury.

Psalms 9-16 The lord is known for his justice - the wicked are trapped by their own deeds. Proverbs 17-23 A wicked man will take a bribe in secret to pervert the course of justice. APPLICATION Lombardo and Judge Gentile have perverted justice by manipulating the corrupt Naples, Florida legal system. Please see my summary of my case. Their true wickedness really comes out when they pervert justice when they promote statutory rape of my mentally ill wife to Paul the Rapist in Judge Gentile's courtroom. Lombardo and Gentile gave me a restraining order so Paul the Rapist could rape my mentally ill wife. Both Lombardo and Gentile are PERVERTS and PIMPS. Chris Lombardo is a DOUBLE PIMP. Lombardo billed me $500.00 an hour for this hearing and also charged Paul the Rapist who he represented. This is about $1,000.00 an hour for Lombardo and Judge Gentile to be pimps of my mentally wife which is statutory rape. Judge Jay Rosman was picked up in a prostitution ring and only would pay $150.00. Lombardo and Gentile are high priced PIMPS. These PERVERTS PERVERT justice.

08/20/22 – Poem
My grandparents lived on an 88 acre farm in N.E. Indiana with cattle, pigs, chickens and a big garden. My grandfather wrote a poem about THE OLD OAK TREE in front of the farmhouse. My niece now has this original poem hanging in her house. The poem is about the durability of the OLD OAK TREE through out the years. In jail my convict buddies call me the Colonel because I look like the KFC guy. Below is one of my convict buddies versions of my grandfather's poem comparing it to my horrendous case.

08/17/22 – Rap Song
This was written by one of my convict buddies in the Naples, jail. This will also go under the heading of bible verses, songs, poems, rap song, Al etc. He may sing this rap song for the website if we can connect after we both get out of jail.

FIGHTING CORRUPTION I don't understand why they be putting peoples through all this pain, the Colonel has been fighting so long. he thinks it's all in vain but we standing up against corruption, united -just like a gang of friends. Never folding under pressure- we gotta take it to the bank. The Colonel thought it was over with But it's time to stand up for our rights. I'm to be the first one to expose corruption from day to night. I couldn't stand by and let this happen - it's time to fight. The people gotta know, right now before they let it get old. How can they lock somebody up for being honest at 76 years. He went from being a working man, to living in a hell hole. It's just outrages, he only spoke on what he knows. The Judge committing felonies, then they hide you in distant memories. I gotta put a stop to this problem, that's why they appointed me. I gotta a voice and I use it, singing this melody. There ain't no way this should go on, we gotta stop this beast. The Colonel's fighting crime--tired of corruption. Through on his cape and mask, He's fighting for justice-The Justice Man. Unbelievable cases, they double crossed him, now he's fighting for his rights, pursuit of Justice. So many cover up, feels like a living hell. He's exposing the "Good Ol Boys", now he's sitting in jail. He's only 76 -couldn't do it by himself. This ain't the first time, but the last time, they throw him in a cell. I gotta stand up for me people, when they ask for me. It's so outrageous, these lawyers committing felonies. I'm talking murder, theft, rape and even adultery. There's no way I could stand aside, when he brought this up to me The Colonel keeps his head up so we don't ever lose.