Murder of Uncle Bob

Murder of Uncle Bob

It is now 11-17-2021 and my 7 1/2 year civil divorce is still not over. I'm presently in jail in Naples, Florida. Lombardo puts me in jail -criminal- in a civil divorce to torture me as he steals my money and murdered Uncle Bob. Now a little HISTORY and the day of the raid. My ex is Anita Johnson Circle now Anita Johnson of Naples, Florida. We were married 13 years plus the 7 1\2 year divorce. After about 11 years of the marriage Anita's mental illness went crazy. See my website - video 2 - on what she had done to me plus the 2 emails from her 2 sons on what she had done to them that I didn't know when I married her. Anita was able to hide her mental illness traits for about 11 years. There were some red flags during this 11 years but not that many. When Anita got too close to finding out she was mentally ill she would fire the psychologists. I was close to finding a great psychologist in Miami that a possible cure or help. Anita then turned on me because I was working on a possible cure for her mental illness. She wants 100 % denial of her mental illness and she then went berserk and started after me with her craziness. She started faking domestic violence and putting me in jail. see my video 2. Since i was hopefully finding a cure for her mental illness she filed for divorce. She couldn't fire me like she could a psychologist. After 1 1/2 years of the divorce Anita wanted to get back together. I said no because she broke our wedding vows by having reckless sex with the Judge and others. Revenge set in and Lombardo was hired by Anita - the most unethical attorney in the US. Anita's faking of domestic violence or false charges against me is how Anita is tied to and is also guilty of FELONY MURDER of Uncle Bob. Anita fakes domestic violence or false charges or false imprisonment and she had Lombardo continue on with false charges to put me in jail 9 times. Anita 2 times and Lombardo 7 times. I was put in jail before and after the US MARSHALL RAID on false charges or false imprisonment which is the FELONY PART OF FELONY MURDER of Uncle Bob. Anita because of her mental illness let Lombardo steal $5 1/2 million of my $6 million net worth. Lombardo knew she was mentally ill and used ELDER ABUSE and A CONSPIRACY with Judge Gentile to have Anita PERJURE herself on the stand for Lombardo and Gentiles financial gain - my money. THIS IS CALLED AMERICAN GREED. With Anita's revenge I wouldn't take her back and my trying to stop Lombardo and Judge Gentile from stealing my money- recuse, disbar and impeach- Revenge set in with Lombardo and Gentile and holy hell broke lose with Anita and Lombardo.

Lombardo started putting me in jail on false charges - because Anita told him to which eventually lead to the false charges that sent out the US Marshalls. False charges, my false imprisonment, attempted murder of me, along with the conspiracy by Anita, Judge Gentile, Lombardo are the felonies in the Felony murder of Uncle Bob. Basically Anita told Lombardo that putting me in jail 7 more times was OK because she put me in jail twice by faking domestic violence. Anita told Lombardo what to do - Lombardo told Judge Gentile - Abuse of power and Judicial abuse - what to do. These 3 INSTIGATED putting me in jail all the time on false charges that led to the US Marshall raid - more false imprisonment of me. Gentile then tells Intel sheriff and Assistant DA James Stuart what to do in CARRYING out the US Marshall raid. The JQC would not do anything. The US Marshalls were to go to Florida only and not Georgia. See so-called warrant on my website. All 6 are guilty of Felony Murder. The so-called felony charges - Felony's 3's - were not issued to me until after the raid when I got to Naples, Florida. When I was in law school tried to help people in my career and that is why today I do free or pro bono legal work for the poor in Phoenix, Arizona in retirement. To get promoted or get a pay raise Assistant DA James Stuart HURTS people. He is a psychopath. With Lombardo in my case Stuart tries to protect a corrupt Judge Gentile and Lombardo by early detaining me on false charges, made up lies about my aggravated stalking charges on the plea agreement that weren't even misdemeanors, hid and destroyed evidence and hid evidence that Sheriff Lathrup was only to pick me up in Florida and not Georgia.

About 5-2018 I had gone to the FBI in Milwaukee to turn in this awful corruption in Naples, Florida. I was a snowbird living in Florida and Wisconsin. The FBI called Intel Sheriff John Lathrup in Florida and Lathrup lied i had felony charges against me which weren't even misdemeanors. The felony charges were issued after the raid in Naples. Lathrup was also telling people I was going to murder people. The FBI put me in jail in Milwaukee for 4 days. Instead of Florida detaining me in Milwaukee - after 4 days in jail- I went home to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and also saw my cardiologist in Lake Geneva within the week after I was out of jail. My cardiologist told me if I didn't get away from this mess by Lombardo etc. that I would be dead. I just had 6 heart operations and my A-fib could come back. He recommended a medical leave which I did in driving the US without my I phone or I pad trying to meditate and pray. About a week later after I'm out of jail in Milwaukee - Florida makes me a fugitive and I didn't know it. Lombardo had gone to Judge Crown in Naples and told Judge Crown had wanted to gang bang Lombardos wife - a lie and that I had these false felony 3 charges that weren't even misdemeanors. I think Lombardo also told Crown I was also going to murder people - lies by Lathrup. Lombardo is on his revengeful warpath using Gorilla war tactics- false restraining orders, shackles and chains, tracking devices, killer paddy wagons, ankle bracelets putting me in jail 9 times in a civil divorce. -also in high risk cell blocks. I have never had a criminal record or hurt anyone. Judge Crown signs an order and the US Marshalls are sent out after me--OVERKILL. Just think the US Marshalls are sent out for someone who doesn't even have any misdemeanors against them. Lathrup and Stuart CARRIED OUT the awful raid by the US Marshalls that was INSTIGATED by Lombardo, Anita and Judge Gentile. The awful raid was carried out at Bob and Evie's house in Georgia. Bob and vie were 87 years old at the time of the raid. Lathrup was not to go out of Florida to locate me. This raid is also a conspiracy - a crime by them. At my age at the time and in poor health they wanted to indirectly kill me - attempted murder- by putting me in jail all the time- so my case would go away against them- but because of the raid Uncle Bob died way to soon because of the shock and trauma of the US MARSHALL raid. With this raid you would think I was Charles Manson

A swat team of 15 US Marshalls raided Bob and Evie's house in Georgia with loaded AK 47's pointed at all of us- many sheriffs were outside the house . It was like a war zone and very scary. When I walked out of the house in handcuffs, Uncle Bob was shaking from this awful raid and so was I. Uncle Bob was standing at the front door when I walked out past him. Neither of us are use to this Gorilla warfare in the US- no misdemeanors were even committed by me and they still raided their house. The day before the raid Bob was walking around with his cane, joyful, and eating very well. Shan and Sheryl- just think if your parents had lived to 87 and this happened to them? If Bob was going to live another 6 months and he died in 3 months because of this raid it is FELONY MURDER. Lombardo, Judge Gentile, Lathrup, Stuart and Anita Instigated and Carried out the raid even thou they weren't at Bob and Evie's house it is still FELONY MURDER by them. Bob's death was not intentional but died early because of this awful raid. To make it felony murder - the felonies were false charges against me, attempted murder of me by putting me in jail all the time,false imprisonment of me,and conspiracy by them to commit the raid. FELONY MURDER Bob died way too soon. He had a stroke after the raid and home hospice on a rolling bed in the living room. When I last saw Bob I apologized to him for the US Marshall raid and told him I loved him. He died a few days later. Evie is tough and puts on a good front at 90 but she is very depressed and that is why Greg had her committed because she wanted to commit suicide. I saw her depression later when I tried to work out her and Greg's problem with a life estate. Greg had just spent 4 months in Arizona with me and Evie was alone in Georgia. I met Greg and Evie about a week later in Georgia after Greg left for Georgia from Arizona and this is when I made out the life estate. A copy of this was sent to Shan. Lombardo, Judge Gentile, Lathrup, Stuart and Anita didn't care about Bob and Evie or what happened to them- no empathy. They didn't even ask about her and Evie is now 90. Bobby got up in Judge Evans courtroom and told everyone that Lombardo murdered his dad. Judge Evans covered this up. They may have thought if they asked or cared they would admit guilt. It was just collateral damage and a terrible raid on false charges, etc which led to Uncle Bob's early death - FELONY MURDER. Assistant DA James Stuart destroyed the video cam of the raid - Stuart is a psychopath along with the others.. 2. EXPLANATION OF FALSE CHARGES BY INTEL SHERIFF JOHN LATHRUP AND CHRIS LOMARDO ETC. THAT LED TO THE US MARSHALL RAID. You can see above that Lathrup told the FBI in Milwaukee I had felony charges against me . This charges weren't given to me until after the raid and they weren't even misdemeanors. I will explain those false felony charges shortly. But Lathrup also interviewed me in jail before this and told the following lies I was going to murder people. In the interview in the Naples jail I answered Lathrup's questions and he recorded the conversations that I don't have. A. I told Lathrup about my terrible nightmares. Lathrup then wrote up a report that I was clever and my nightmares were going to come to life and I was going to murder people. B. I told Lathrup that I was writing a fiction book - called WHO KILLED ME. Lathrup lied and said my fiction book was going to come to life and I was going to murder people. The book is WHO KILLED ME not me killing others. C. Lathrup lied that I told my cellmate -Ozzie- to murder a lover of my wife's. Ozzie's one eye goes this way and the other eye goes the other way. Ozzie couldn't hit a broad side of a barn with a gun. These lies by Lathrup are MALICIOUS PROSECUTION and HATE CRIMES. D Then Lathrup arrested me in Georgia when he was not to go out of Florida to look for me according to the the so-called warrant. See warrant on my website. Then Stuart OK'd the wrongs of Lathrup to cover it up. Also before the raid Lombardo went to Judge Crown and told Crown I was going to gang bang Lombardo's wife and then Judge Crown issued the order for the US Marshall raid Crown is part of the good ol boys of Naples with Lombardo.

  1. EXAMPLE AND EXPLANATION OF FELONY MURDER OF UNCLE BOB. If someone points a loaded gun at someone and kills them it is intentional and first degree murder. But not if self defense. If someone is drunk and drives across a center line and kills someone in an oncoming car it could be manslaughter, second degree murder, or negligent homicide. This is not intentional but life in jail usually. Uncle Bobs death is FELONY MURDER. It is not intentional and you don't have to be at the scene - but the death happened because of a felony. They conspired to do or instigated and carried out the murder during a felony see other above felonies. EXAMPLE OF FELONY MURDER If 2 guys conspire to rob a bank and one guy goes into the bank with a loaded gun and the other guy sits outside the bank in the get away car - the one guy goes into the bank to rob the bank and points his gun at the teller - REMEMBER BOB AND EVIE HAD 15 LOADED AK 47'S POINTED AT THEM IN THE US MARSHALL RAID - and the teller dies of a stroke or the teller later dies of a stroke - it is felony murder FOR BOTH GUYS - also for the guy in the get away car. The felony is the armed robbery and they conspired to rob the bank and teller dying is the murder- it is felony murder it is not intentional. In Uncle Bob's death Lombardo, Judge Gentile Anita, Lathrup and Stuart intentionally instigated the US Marshall raid even thou they were not at Bob and Evie's house. They conspired to find me - I was on medical leave per my cardiologist - with an OVERKILL of 15 US Marshalls to also try to kill me at my age and health. The US Marshalls loaded AK 47's were pointed everywhere. They raided Bob and Evie"s house on false charges and falsely imprisoned me. All these acts are intentional and are felonies even thou they didn't intentionally kill Uncle Bob. The felonies are conspiracy by them, false charges of me by them, attempted murder of me because of my poor health they knew about, and false imprisonment of me. Uncle Bob's death is murder - felony murder. Bob and Evie were 87. This was an outrageous act- uncalled for OVERKILL raid on someone whose charges are not even misdemeanors. This could be negligent homicide because of their age that they didn't care about similar to the drunk hitting the other car. They knew the charges were false and were negligent in what could happen to the elderly. They wanted me dead and killed Uncle Bob. The bank robber wanted the money and the teller died. 4. AFTER THE RAID I WAS CHARGED WITH AGGRAVATED STALKING CHARGES OF JUDGE GENTILE BY ASSISTANT DA JAMES STUART AND THE CHARGES WEREN'T EVEN MISDEMEANORS. To be aggravated stalking- it has to be repeated- most places 3 incidents- harm or harmful to Judge Gentile - and malicious towards Judge Gentile. This is a felony 3 if true. In my case they tried to tie 2 incidents together in which neither were harmful or malicious to Judge Gentile. Neither are felony 3's and neither are even misdemeanors. Intel sheriff Lathrup told the FBI in Milwaukee I had 2 Felony 3's against me they weren't even misdemeanors. This is before the US Marshall raid but I never got charged with these until I was transported by a killer paddy wagon and then received the felony charges in Naples. I was beat up by a double murderer in the paddy wagon. But these false charges are what Lathrupand Stuart used to send out the US Marshalls. 1. I sat in Judge Gentiles public courtroom like I sat in courtrooms all through law school. minding my own business. Judge Gentile was already recused from my divorce case on bias and I didn't have any false restraining orders against me at this time by Gentile. I was INVESTIGATING a criminal - He and Lombardo stole 90% of my net worth - and NOT STALKING him. I have the right to INVESTIGATE a criminal. The sheriffs dept wouldn't help me so I investigated myself.

I was investigating him to see if he was biased against others like he was me. He was at the Ft Myers courthouse at the time - close to Pine Island where I was staying at my sisters. I think Gentile was moved from Naples to Ft Myers because of his ties to Lombardo He is now in Charlotte County with Judge Evans. My visit to Gentiles courtroom was not harmful to him or malicious. I just sat there. He threatened me in his courtroom -listen to the audio in his courtroom. He knew me and ask me to come forward I said I would if we can be gentlemen Listen to audio. I have tried to recuse, disbar and impeach Gentile twice each which is legal. He says I'm threatening him . He also said when I visited his courtroom I tried to influence my divorce case - an outright lie. He was already recused.They didn't want me to investigate Judge Gentile - Obstruction of Justice The Lee County sheriff where Lathrup worked were no help so I had to investigate myself when I was in Florida I lived in Wisconsin at the time.

  1. I drove by Judge Gentiles house in Cape coral on my way to my sisters in Pine Island - maybe one mile out of the way. Another married Collier County judge was having sex with my mentally ill wife which is Statutory rape. He quit his job. See my website for my circumstantial evidence against him. Also Judge Gentile and Lombardo promoted adultery of my mentally ill wife to Paul Santaganese In Gentiles courtroom and they got a restraining order against me so Paul could have sex with my mentally ill wife which is statutory rape . Gentile and Lombardo are perverts and pimps to do this promotion of sex.This caused many nightmares on their perversion. They wanted me to do something criminal to arrest me out of revenge but I didn't bite. So I drove by Gentile the perverts house to see if he was screwing my wife. Judge Gentile didn't see me drive by which is not malicious or harmful to Gentile. I told the JQC about this to stop these perverts. The felony 3 charges are not even misdemeanors. Assistant DA James Stuart lied these charges were aggravating stalking charges and sent out the US Marshalls on those false charges. I was falsely imprisoned and should not be on probation to violate probation or ever have to wear an ankle bracelet. Stuart also had me sign a false plea agreement and put me a ankle bracelet on for 10 years. These 2 charges were to be concurrent and not consecutive. If anyone has any ideas about this raid. Please let me know.

In the business world Stuart would be fired, disbarred, and put in jail for life but he is still working in the corrupt Naples, Florida legal system. Thank God he has been dismissed from my probation hearing where he was on my case 3 years ago when Chief Justice Williams came to Naples for my case. Please see my website on what else James Stuart did to me under the Hatchetman and Obstruction of Justice. Also look at Onslaught on what Lombardo did to me. It hard to believe In still alive and sane. HOW DO YOU FIGHT CORRUPTION IN THE NAPLES, FLORIDA CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM? How do you fight the most unethical attorney in the US, 2 corrupt judges, a corrupt Assistant DA, a dirty cop and a married Collier County Judge and lovers screwing my mentally ill wife?

  1. Judge Evans covered up Uncle Bobs murder by Lombardo, Judge Gentile etc
  2. Judge Evans covered up 18 felonies of Lombardo, Gentile etc. that they committed against me.
  3. Judge Evans outright lied I had a private investigator sitting in her front drive
  4. Sheriff Lathrup outright lied I was going to murder people
  5. Lombardo had Anita lie on the stand I took a knife to her throat
  6. Lombardo lied I was going to murder one of Anita's lovers
  7. Lombardo outright lies to judges 25 % of the time.
  8. Lombardo lied I blocked his driveway - he called 911- that I was going to harm or murder him
  9. Lombardo etc murdered Uncle Bob
  10. Anita, Lombardo etc tried to kill me. My case is worse than the movie FATAL ATTRACTION.
  11. Lombardo lied his accountant was a CPA to impress the Judge's decision.
  12. Having a mentally ill wife
  13. Lombardo likes to torture you on the criminal side of the courthouse in a civil divorce with gorilla war tactics - shackles and chains, tracking devices, killer paddy wagons,false restraining orders, put in jail 9 times and gone in front of 24 criminal judges, ankle bracelets, etc.
  14. Judge Gentile compared me to the Parkland Florida murderer who killed 17 kids he stated this comparison in front of Judge Williams
  15. Lombardo and Gentile stole my life savings of close to 6 million dollars
  16. Lombardo lied I was going to gang bang Lombardo's wife
  17. Gentile and Lombardo promoted adultery of my mentally ill wife which is statutory rape - they are perverts
  18. Another married Collier County Judge was having sex with my mentally ill wife - statutory rape He quit his job.
  19. False charges on a plea agreement - Stuart lied my charges were aggravated stalking charges that weren't even misdemeanors
  20. My case is outrageous, intentional, and I got hurt which is defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress
  21. I was beat up by a double murderer
  22. The Stuart framed me as a convicted felon to cover up their felonies committed against me. The felonies are 1- Conspiracy, 2- Elder Abuse, 3- Grand Larceny, 4- Bribery 5- Abuse of power, 6- Judicial Abuse, 7- Legal Malpractice, 8- Obstruction of Justice, 9- Statutory rape, 10- Attempted murder, 11- Felony murder, 12- Perjury, 13- Malicious Prosecution, 14- Defamation, 15- I I of E D, 16- Hate crimes, 17- False Imprisonment, 18- False charges, 19- Battery.

Kangaroo Court Judge Evans couldn't keep her civil divorce court to a civil divorce - almost 75% was criminal, Lombardo made 2 Judges criminal - he ran over them. During this time I had 6 heart operations, became diabetic, PTSD and major nightmares. If I can get Lombardo, Judge Gentile, Lathrup, Stuart, and Anita in front of a jury they should go to jail for life. My divorce attorney - Lisa Kirby- is scared of Lombardo- He sanctioned her because she said Lombardo put others in jail similar to me in divorce cases. Hopefully Lisa will not be scared to tell the truth and testify about the truth of what Lombardo has done. All the above things that happened to me caused me to have PTSD and major nightmares. To show INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS for my future civil suit against Lombardo etc I did skits and role playing of my vivid nightmares and put them on video for evidence.