My Biblical version of my testimony

My Biblical version of my testimony

How do you defeat the wicked in the legal system...

My name is Brent Circle. I'm 78 years old and have never committed a crime or misdemeanor in my life... but I'm in prison for 5 years as I write this testimony because I put on Youtube my true story of my 10-year divorce that turned ugly and criminal.
This is my First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech. I grew up as a Hoosier, but retired as a Gator. I had it made-family of faith, parents married 65 years.
I believed in the sanctity of marriage, great schools, great ethics, a great job for 30 years, financially secure and no criminal record.
Then in my 70's, it was like I was hit head on by a 190 mph hurricane: the DEVIL in disguise and called corruption in the legal system by the wicked, but see below how I came back with an Atom bomb.

The wicked plot against good people and glare at them with hate. But the Lord laughs at wicked people, because he knows they will soon be destroyed.
Psalms 37:12-20 GNBUK

As I tell you my true, but unbelievable story, I will tell you how my faith in God enabled me to endure this disaster and will tell you what God told me to do to handle and expose this corruption and defeat the wicked.
I'm not a computer guy and rarely use Facebook. God gave me the tenacity and hope to go forward with confidence and out of the blue told me to put my true case on Youtube, which I did, and made the wicked very accountable. The truth hurts. They are scared so they put me in prison to stop me which is Obstruction of Justice. I have had 2 competency tests which I've passed with flying colors. I've passed the prison mental health tests and interviews. I'm of sound mind to tell my true story.
Anyone who has been treated unfairly by the legal system should enjoy my true story about the injustice that has happened to me. It is hard to believe that my case could happen in the US court system; a total miscarriage of justice. I feel my case is the biggest corruption case in US history.
I'm David taking on Goliath. Goliath being the corrupt legal system and the wicked. I'm the fragile clay jar at 78 where the light of the holy spirit springs out of. I keep going back to the Serenity Prayer to see if I still have the courage, stamina and wisdom to take on this corruption, but every time I go back I walk away with no doubts to still take on this challenge.
I'm doing what is right and God made this old man bold, healthy enough, with plenty of nerve to take this leap of faith. God is my protector giving me great vision and direction.  God brought my case out of the darkness.

I now tell you my true story and why I put it on Youtube.  In my case there is so much conflict of interest and crimes by judges, etc... that there was a change of venue which had to be approved by Governor DeSantis and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida.
When someone has their first technical violation of probation they may go to jail for 3-4 months. Yet they put me in prison for 5 years for telling the truth about my case on Youtube and my original charges are not even misdemeanors.
I sat in a public court room, and they charged me with a Felony 3. They manipulate the corrupt legal system at will to keep putting me in jail to hopefully die.
My case starts off with sex, greed, coveting my mentally ill wife and idolizing my millions of dollars by judges and my wive's third divorce attorney. This is about a late in life marriage of 13 years plus the 10-year divorce that is still not over.
It is amazing how sex and money will make attorneys corrupt. In my case, many attorneys work under the table to put bread on top of the table. This is not what the Lord's Prayer meant in our daily bread or breaking bread. There are too many attorneys trying to make it in private legal practice.
The third attorney for my wife is so wicked I compare him to Charles Manson and the Judges are his disciples. He is a sadomasochist. In my case, the judges and attorneys sex escapades with vulnerable women going through a divorce is similar to sexual abuse by Catholic priests of young boys. That is why I call this circuit: the Sex Circuit.
One thing you will see is how the judge and third divorce attorney pimped out my mentally wife for fees, which is called Human Trafficking. Is this Sex for Hire in this corrupt circuit? The third divorce hired the judge right out of law school.  
I'm a whistle blower. They want me dead. So judges break the law and put an innocent man in prison: me, so my future criminal and civil cases go away. This is Obstruction of Justice.
If I get justice, nine wicked people will go to to prison including three Judges, four attorneys, one prosecution attorney and one sheriff. I have evidence to convict them all, but they block me from arresting the wicked in every way possible. They don't want people to know Judges are criminals to protect the image of the legal system. Sheriffs, detectives, prosecuting attorneys and judges protect the wicked. This is Obstruction of Justice again.
Why would the Civil Court of Appeals deny my lopsided case? Why would criminal Judges put me in jail? To protect the legal integrity of the court system. Hell with Justice for me. Youtube made them all accountable, and they are used to running over people because they think they are above the law. Thank You Jesus.
It is amazing that so many judges and attorneys don't believe in justice: the foundation of the court system!
This is why there are so many jokes about corrupt attorneys. They did not learn Ethics and the foundation has crumpled in my case. The wicked don't rule in a Court of Equity, but out of a Court of Hatred, a Court of Good Ol' Boys, or a Court of Corruption.
There are 2.5 millions bribes a year to judges in the US. My case is right in the middle of one: bribery.

Note: I have the right to be on social media. I just can't directly or indirectly contact six people who have false restraining orders against me. The 24th criminal judge reached to another state to say I targeted them indirectly. My Appeals attorney says Youtube is national and does not directly or indirectly target any specific person.
I sang a song on my Youtube channel that tells my story and one of the reasons they put me in prison: Creative Expression.

No one should be sacrificed of their justice or day in court to protect the legal integrity or image of the court system; meaning how the court system is run professionally.
Integrity is one of good character, one who plays by the rules and can be believed. Judges are usually highly respected and believe in fairness, equity and justice for all. It is an honor to be a judge.
In my case, the legal system is corrupt. They want to hide the crimes of judges to protect their professional image. It is easier for them to put me in prison to die than expose judges who are criminals. No Judge should be allowed to cover up criminal activity of other judges; this is called the Black Robe Society.
These judges don't even care about collateral damage of grand larceny, rape, murder of my family members or myself.

The wicked, including  judges, are vicious, biased, hateful and ruthless to maintain their innocence. The wicked have done a major character asshole out of me to cover up their crimes. They lie to make me look violent to protect the integrity of the legal system. I have done nothing wrong so they twist the truth which is fear mongering or bearing false witness.

How often do you fear for your life in a divorce case?
How often is a judge up for murder in a divorce case?
How often is a judge up for statutory rape in a divorce case?

I would say never, but they are all in my case.

How do you defeat the wicked in the legal system?

Please see the verse in the song "Amazing Grace" that I follow to conquer the wicked.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.
"Amazing Grace", John Newton (1779)

My case has taken a toll on me, the guy in the fragile clay jar. So I purchased and installed my tombstone 4 years ago.
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but the KICKER is down even though the wicked are after me with a vengeance. There is no out-date on my tombstone.
Because God is keeping me alive to defeat the wicked, I will never give up and lose to corruption. I will never lose to the wicked. I am not depressed, suicidal or have anxiety.
I'm putting up a good fight because it is in God's hands.

I'm fighting all this corruption in four ways:

  1. My faith in God. I go by the book of ethics: The Bible.
  2. By always doing what is right and telling the truth.
  3. Legal remedies as impeachment, disbarment, Florida Bar, JQC- Commission ahead of all judges
  4. Youtube and my website, social media experts, investigative journalists and possibly church newspapers.

All of this has happened during my 10-year divorce that is still not over as I sit in prison.
Please ask yourselves if your parents or grandparents were 78, could they survive this onslaught of wickedness? It is now July 2023 in Florida prison with no air conditioning.
Below are some of the specific crimes the wicked have done to me, out of revenge, because I'm fighting for justice in stopping their Grand Larceny and Sex Escapades.

Circumstantial evidence is how you prove a judge is on the take, which is bribery.
The following evidence is in the 9 years of transcripts of my divorce. I have the transcripts. Also included are some of my opinions that can help my corruption attorney start on my case.
I, 100% believe, that Judge Gentile is on the take from Chris Lombardo.
The following highlights what they have done. What do you think?

  • There are 2.5 millions bribes a year to Judges.
  • Gentile was hired right out of law school by Lombardo by the same law firm.
  • Gentile admitted in open court, when he started as a Judge on my civil divorce case, that he, Lombardo and their families were close friends. All their families sat in Lombardo's living room where Gentile said he had to go in a different direction in his law practice, implying he was in the same law firm as Lombardo. That he couldn't make it financially with Lombardo's law firm. I have never sat in my bosse's living room. See our evidence where they were in the same law firm, and now they say they weren't in the same law firm. This is a major conflict of interest.
  • My criminal case has been transferred to the Sarasota criminal courts, the 12th circuit, because of this conflict of interest. In addition to Judge Gentile who may know other judges in the 20th circuit like Judge Mary C Evans (who covered up all this criminal activity).
  • At the beginning, Lombardo and Gentile formed a conspiracy to steal $6.5 million from my $7 million net worth.
  • Gentile refused to recuse himself, and I tried to settle pro se with Lombardo. I called, texted, emailed Lombardo and he put me in jail for cyberstalking. Gentile and Lombardo were on a mission: grand larceny.
  • Gentile lives in a poor area of Cape Coral.
  • Gentile has two, three children in college.
  • Gentile's employment has not been steady. He worked in different parts of Florida. Most attorneys work in one city to build a practice.
  • Look at all the blackouts on Lombardo's billing statements. Are these kickbacks to Gentile?
  • Both Lombardo and Gentile are close to retirement. Lombardo is in his late 60's and Gentile in his late 50's. Neither have made it and need money.
  • I live out of state, so easier to break me.
  • They both knew my wife was mentally ill, and that I just had six heart operations. Elder abuse started with Lombardo and Gentile. Lombardo had my wife perjure herself differently than the signed settlement agreement we had signed. This is perjury and legal malpractice.
  • Gentile immediately signed an order to let Lombardo write extensive and outrageous false legal fees from my Merrill Lynch account. White collar crime or grand larceny.
  • I tried to impeach and disbar both, twice, and lost.
  • Gentile recused himself 1.5 years after he was a judge on my case. He was very biased against me.
  • During the trial, I told Gentile my wife could work and didn't need alimony. He said "Shut up or I'll put you in jail".
  • I told Gentile it costed me about $200,000 to put her through law school. He said "I'm tired of hearing about it".
  • He denied me the right to an attorney: Jose Baez from outside Naples who would blow the roof off this corruption. I had to use a public defender and I'm a multi-millionaire. This is the first time they denied me the right to an attorney and now they have denied me the right to find an attorney on Youtube.
  • They then tried to break me by promoting statutory rape of my mentally ill wife. They are sexual predators and perverts. They also tried hiding another Collier County Judge who was committing this statutory rape of my mentally wife. When you see further evidence, were Gentile and Lombardo raping my wife also?
    They raided my private investigator's office without probable cause to see if I had evidence against them with my wife.
  • Lombardo and Gentile, with the help of Assistant DA James Stuart, Intel sheriff John Lathup and my wife, tried to frame me as a violent convicted felon to cover up all their felonies against me and my family.
  • Lombardo and Gentile used the corrupt Naples, Florida legal system to commit judicial abuse, malicious prosecution, obstruction of justice, battery, false imprisonment, abuse of power, legal malpractice, hate crime, conspiracy. All which is attempted murder of me so my criminal and civil suits against them will go away.
  • They use fear mongering to make me look violent. They had people lie I was going to murder them.
  • They used Gorilla War Tactics hoping I die. They put me in jail nine times, false restraining orders, make me wear an ankle bracelet for 10 years. Kicked me out of Florida for 10 years so I can't investigate them and find attorneys. I got beat up by a double murderer, a torn rotator cuff, 6 heart operations and a bad case of PTSD.
  • They ordered a US Marshall raid at my brothers-in-law (where I was staying with), without probable cause, trying to kill me. My brother-in-law died from a heart attack on the spot.
  • Gentile compared me to the Parkland Florida murderer in front of Criminal Judge Williams. I have no criminal record.
  • Judge Gentile said to criminal judge Padar that I put my true case on Youtube to recruit gang members worldwide to kill them. This Fear Mongering and maybe trying to cause a riot. Gentile is desperate.
  • They allowed my wife to buy a house with joint money, put it her name only and a fake name.
  • Judge Gentile and Judge Evans have both been moved out of the Naples courthouse to the Ft Myers courthouse, then to the Charlotte County courthouse; I believe to get them away from Lombardo.

They kept trying to break me so I would do something illegal to put me in jail longer. They stole 90% of my net worth, promoted statutory rape of my mentally ill wife, felony murder of my bother-in-law, deny me the right to an attorney and stole three of my four homes, etc...
They made up outrageous felony 3 charges against me that weren't even misdemeanors, had my criminal defense attorney lie to me, etc...
I sat in Judge Gentile's public courtroom and he threatened me; listen to audio.
Lombardo and Gentile are connected at the hip and have committed 45 violations of my Constitutional Rights.
Keep in mind many of these 18 felonies have occurred during Judge Evans 5-6 years on my divorce case. Evans runs a kangaroo court; a joke.

My case has snowballed into a disaster for the corrupt Naples, Florida legal system. It is a disgrace to the legal integrity of the court system.
Lombardo, Gentile and Evans are part of the Good Ol' Boy Society where judges protect each other. They try to swoon other judges. They are unethical, corrupt and are criminals.

It was not my intent, but putting my true divorce case on Youtube has made Lombardo, Gentile and Evans accountable for their criminal activities that have been hidden in the transcripts. They are very guilty, they are running scarred, they are desperate, the walls are closing in on them.