As of April 5th 2023, 770 days spent in prison.

My name is Brent Circle. I'm a retired corporate attorney. I'm 77 years old.
As we speak, I'm in prison for 5 years for putting my true story of my 10-year ugly divorce on Youtube. I was married for 13 years.
I should be protected by my First Amendment rights, but not in corrupt Naples, Florida. My case is a total miscarriage of justice and the biggest corruption case in US history.

As I say, my divorce turned ugly where one judge murdered my family member, another judge rape my mentally ill wife, another judge stole 90% of my millions of my dollars, and another judge covered it all up.
I have evidence to convict all of them. They all lied I was a violent person to put me in a violent prison to die.
Judge Padar ruled in favor of the Black Robes who are murderers, rapists and thieves. Many people have been screwed by judges, prosecuting attorneys and had false or wrongful convictions like myself. I have never committed a crime in my life.

Please help me fight corruption. I'm looking for social media experts to spread the word, Legal Advocates for Civil and Criminal Justice Reform and a Corruption attorney.
Please send your thoughts.
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All my videos on my website are accessible HERE.
My singing and acting on my videos is so bad -- is another reason they put me in prison. I'm David taking on Goliath-the corrupt legal system. I need more David's in my fight for Justice...

In jail they call me the Colonel because I look like the KFC guy: Colonel Sanders.
Every month or so I will be bringing you The Colonel's Corner: an update on my life in prison and some comments and suggestions made by others sent to me.

I worked for Walgreens as a real estate attorney for almost 30 years. I would not be dedicating my Fight for Justice to Mr Walgreen, one of the best businessmen in the world, if I was lying about the truth.
All the following is a very bazaar story, but the truth. I told the truth on Youtube about my true story of corruption in Naples, Florida, and they put me in prison for 5 years.
Youtube made the judges, etc... accountable. They are scared, very guilty, desperate, and run rogue so they lie about me to make me look violent to cover up their crimes.
See first hand below the corruption in the division of my assets by corrupt judge Mary C Evans who is biased against me and ruled against me out of HATE than by the Law.
She covered this up and another reason to tell my true story on Youtube. My case was hidden in the 10 year transcripts. Chris Lombardo, my wives 3rd civil divorce attorney, is the kingpin behind this disaster and he has made 2 Civil divorce judges criminals: Gentile and Evans. Remember this is a civil divorce and not a criminal case.
Judge Evans is a disgrace to Stetson Law School and is more corrupt than Judge Gentile.
Judge Gentile is a murderer, promotes rape and is a thief.

As you read the distribution of my assets below ask yourself the following: Who do you think is on the TAKE?
My story is very interesting and you will see how GREED for my millions led to 18 felonies and 45 violations of my Constitutional Rights against me by Chris Lombardo, Judge Gentile, Judge Evans and Assistant DA James Stuart.
Judge Padar. You have the wrong person in jail. I'm just fighting for justice to get my money back and stop their outright defamation of myself.
The attached Letter to Reconsider is a summary of my case and why they said I violated my probation.

See below the FIRST HAND CORRUPTION of my the division of financial assets by corrupt Judge Mary C. Evans.
My marriage was a late-in-life marriage of 13 years plus the disastrous 10 year divorce proceedings. My wife Anita brought into the marriage $400,000 from her fist divorce and I had millions. Our $7,000,000 was divided by Judge Evans as follows:

  - Anita: $4,700,000
  - Her attorney Lombardo: $1,600,000
  - Me: $650,000 including my home plus $150,000 for my attorney Lisa Kirby

Look at their character assassination of me to Judge Padar to put me in prison longer and longer to die. They hope their character assassination of me will clear them of not being criminals. This can ONLY happen in corrupt Naples, Florida.
See below my Letter to Reconsider and its cover letter which are both a summary of my case. This letter is to Judge Padar in Sarasota to reconsider my probation violation so I don't have to go to prison for 5 years. I'm asking her to PLEASE RELEASE ME.
I'm also asking you out there to be my advocates in this fight for justice.

Letter to Reconsider my Violation of Probation to Judge Padar Florida 12th Circuit, Sarasota, Florida from Brent Circle, Naples, Florida jail 213128.

Judge Padar My FIRST Letter to Reconsider was emailed by me from inside the jail and sent outside the jail to my assistant who put it in a typed letter form to send to you 2 months ago. However I feel my assistant's letter was compromised somehow by someone so you would not receive it which is Obstruction of Justice. My case is very sensitive. I have now condensed the FIRST letter into a SECOND letter to be mailed to you by regular mail. Hopefully you get this SECOND letter--maybe both. Sorry. I'm in jail. Both are condensed from my speech to you when I was cut off for a Competency Test. My original speech was to tell you what CAUSED me to do my 60 videos. OVERVIEW 1. Judge Padar-- You made 3 Judicial errors -plus- in saying I violated probation in our last hearing. I'll discuss below 2. Judicial Error 1. You did not KNOW my ENTIRE case to make a proper decision. You cut me off to take a competency test on my speech to you. You need to KNOW the entire case to show you that I'm not EXCESSIVE in my 60 You Tube videos. I'm the only one who KNOWS my entire case--My attorneys don;t even KNOW my ENTIRE case--maybe 5 %. I feel the same with you. My attorneys KNOW only direct and indirect. That is why I'm sending you this attached Letter to Reconsider--my condensed version of my ENTIRE case so you can hopefully make a different outcome of my violation. This is why I'm sending you this Letter by myself and not my attorneys. You will see that Lombardo- judge Gentile etc were EXCESSIVE--not me. I'm just telling the truth in what they did to me. I was not allowed to tell you what CAUSED me to do my 60 videos on You Tube as I discuss below. I was on point 110 % when cut off. Please remember my case is enormous and complex. Mine is not just a one crime case. 3. There was no intent to have direct or indirect contact with the 6 who have so called restraining orders against me. I'm explaining below that I had no contact--direct or indirect. Your Honor You are saying i was EXCESSIVE in my 60 video presentation on You Tube and a violation of my probation. Your Honor You got it REVERSED as I discuss below 4. I was not EXCESSIVE, OFFENSIVE or VULGAR. Chris Lombardo, Judge Gentile, Assistant DA James Stuart and Judge Mary C Evans were EXCESSIVE and OFFENSIVE against me. I'm just telling the truth on You Tube on what EXCESSIVE things they did to me. Telling about their EXCESSIVENESS against me may sound like I'm EXCESSIVE --BUT I'M NOT. I'm just telling the truth on You Tube on what they did to me. My case is very outrageous. It is hard to believe what I tell you below could happen in our US court system. I think this why you had me do a competency test. I'm of very sound mind and passing the competency test with flying colors hopefully will make you believe what I'm telling you. Judge Padar--would you please tell me what is excessive on You Tube by me? Please see the Larry Flint case of Hustler Magazine where he won. Please see Garrison case- 1962- a US Supreme Court case where you can criticize a judge. I'm just telling the truth on what they did to me and you say I'm EXCESSIVE. Judge Padar--Can you please tell me specifically what I can and and can't do on You Tube? When you reached out of Florida to find a violation---Was there any jail time for that person in Georgia? Judge Padar--please keep in mind that they are suing me for harassment and not libel or slander. This tells you that they are admitting I'm telling the truth about all their crimes against me. 5. You Honor I feel you violated me because of my artwork and my 15 nightmare videos but both are protected. The artwork is on my WEBSITE and they are suing me for You You Tube only.. You Tube is only videos. My nightmare videos are my WORK PRODUCT for my future civil suit of Emotional Distress against Lombardo and Judge Gentile etc. My actual nightmares are still much worse than the videos. I would get up and write down the nightmare after they happened and then I combined 3-5 nightmares into one video. This was my legitimate purpose to show how my nightmares, stress etc and what I explain below can cause a stroke or death especially someone like me who had 6 heart operations during my 9-10 year divorce that is still not over. I was only married 13 years plus the 9-10 divorce years. A late in life marriage--I'm 77. My acting out my nightmares on You Tube are Creative Expression and protected by my First Amendment rights. You are also denying me the right to tell my true story by them or my entire case on You Tube. My artwork, acting and singing are another way to tell my true story and is creative expression and protected under my First Amendment rights. You are also denying me the right to find an attorney by You Tube. Since I have been kicked out of Florida for 10 years it is tough to to find or meet with Florida attorneys while living in Arizona. This allows the Statute of Limitations to run. . Obstruction of Justice. 6. The other 2 Judicial errors A. All my 60 videos went up on You Tube at the same day and time 4-1-2021 and all came down the same time and day in 8-221--up just 4 months. A computer guy did this for me. I never REPOSTED other videos as you stated. B. All my videos were up once and stationary on You Tube. Lombardo, etc had to repeatedly open up my You Tube presentation. I didn't REPEAT anything as you stated. 7. The main criminals in my case are attorney 1. Chris Lombardo-my wives third divorce attorney, 2. Judge Gentile the second divorce Judge who Lombardo hired right out of law school, 3. Assistant DA James Stuart 4. Judge Mary C Evans -the third divorce judge who refused to be recused to protect the incompetent Gentile- called the black robe society and 5. My ex wife Anita Circle Johnson. 8. My case was transferred to the 12th circuit from the 20th circuit--change of venue--because of the conflict of interest of Judge Gentile and Chris Lombardo and all their felonies committed against me. To transfer my case to the 12th Circuit -Amira Fox--the States Attorney of the 20th had to get Governor Desantis and Supreme Court Justice of Florida's approval. -Judge Canady. 9. Keep in mind I have kept my cool during my entire case even with all the criminal activity done to me as I will explain. They are upset that they can't rattle me to put me in jail longer and longer so I die in jail. 10 Judge Padar-I feel my case is the biggest corruption case in US history. It started by GREED for my $millions of dollars by Lombardo and Judge Gentile. They denied me the right the FIRST time to find an attorney by freezing my money. How often does a multi- millionaire have to use a Public Defender? --Christian White. I was going to use Jose Baez-an attorney out of Naples area that Gentile and Stuart couldn't control like corrupt Verdaramo so they froze my money- Obstruction of Justice. Stuart ran over Verdaramo my local attorney I used. The SECOND time I was denied an attorney was on You Tube. 11. Judge Padar---There are 3 Conspiracies in my case. 1. The FIRST Conspiracy. Lombardo and Gentile conspired to steal my millions. Gentile signed a blank order to allow Lombardo to steal my money at will from my Merrill Lynch account. I caught them and tried to impeach and disbar. I only use legal remedies. It then snowballed where they became criminals. They tried to stop me from stopping their corruption which led to 18 felonies by them against me and my family- including murder. 2. My trying to stop them from their corruption CAUSED -my 60 videos- them to do the the following 4 things or CAUSES as I discuss below which is the SECOND Conspiracy basically to INDIRECTLY KILL ME so my future civil and criminal cases against them goes away. The following are my CAUSES for my doing my 60 videos on You Tube which I was not able to tell you when you told me to take the competency test. I tried to tell my true story what they did to me which was EXCESSIVE by them--not me. Judge Padar--I feel you did not KNOW these 4 CAUSES. If you had I feel you would not have violated me. I tell what the 4 CAUSES are and then go into detail shortly. CAUSE 1. TORTURE of me on the criminal side of the courthouse and elsewhere in a civil divorce. This TORTURE was done by Lombardo, Judge Gentile, James Stuart and Judge Evans etc. CAUSE 2 PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR--Lying or Fear mongering by them, Twisting the truth and perjury. CAUSE 3 -- GORILLA WAR TACTICS or Third World Country Tactics in a divorce. CAUSE 4. - EMOTIONAL DISTRESS -mentally and physically. I keep fighting their corruption and what they did to me is VERY EXCESSIVE by them. All 4 CAUSES by them are included in Attempted Murder, Malicious Prosecution, Judicial Abuse, Abuse of Power, Obstruction of justice, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, False Imprisonment, Elder Abuse--I'm 77 and my wife 67. plus rape, murder etc. All this CAUSED me to do the 60 videos to explain how corrupt and EXCESSIVE they were. 3. THIRD CONSPIRACY Judge Mary C. Evans covered all this up by conspiring with Lombardo, Gentile and Stuart. Gentile and Evans have been transferred to Charlotte County Courthouse to I think get them away from Lombardo.. 12. I was denied protective custody by you--Judge Padar They are criminals and murderers. They take no hostages to keep themselves out of prison. I'm a Whistle blower and many public servants -including Judges will be going to prison--some for life. They need to be early detained. They are desperate. 13. My entire case is on my website You Tube was brentcircle. Comments can be sent to [email protected] All You Tube videos were taken down 8-2021. The last 56 of 60 videos on my website were taken down 12-2021. 14. The Florida legislature even changed the law about my case 10-2021 to further deter my free speech. These criminals are desperate and very guilty to becoming after me with such a vengeance when I have never committed a felony or misdemeanor in my life. I have been i jail 22 months this time 4-5-2023. 15. It is tough enough to live with a mentally ill wife- see video 2 on my website and then have to deal with these Naples criminals in your 70's. Lombardo and Gentile knew my wife was mentally ill and that I just had 6 heart operations. They intentionally committed Elder Abuse and Grand Larceny. They had my wife perjure herself on the stand differently than a signed Settlement Agreement with Judge Grieder--the first divorce judge. I put my wife through law school but she refused to work after she passed the Florida in 2007. She is a kept women and see what Judge Evans gave her of my money--SICK. Evans is a biased Judge and favors women--SICK. My wife never worked a day in her life but for 2 years as a teacher before we met. My wives so called law practice today is a front set up by Lombardo so she can show she does not earn money. My wife can be a smart woman when not in her terrible mood swings where she froths at the mouth and nose. She has no confidence to speak individually or to a group. See video 2. My wife was a beautiful woman but she had 3 major plastic surgeries to her face--no confidence. Cost me $25,000 each or $75,000 total. A big mistake. I also college educated her her second crack head son and got her older son a job at Walgreens and he got fired 6 months later. We traveled the world but she wanted to have sex with Naples Judges. She wanted to get back together and I refused. She broke our wedding vows. 16. What has happened to me is a total miscarriage of Justice. It is hard to believe it could happen in the US court system. My fighting corruption in the corrupt legal system in Naples is like David taking on Goliath. 17. Judge Padar---What I have done as my violation is not even a misdemeanor when murderers are sitting in you court room. Why don't you change your position and help me fight corruption instead of protecting the 20th circuit corruption. 18. Judge Padar You did not know my entire case or these 4 CAUSES to violate my probation. I'm telling the truth. Please Reconsider. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the 4 CAUSES. REMEMBER THIS IS A DIVORCE WHY I did the 60 videos. 1. Tell my true story to family and friends 2. Find a corruption attorney in the US. 3. set 2 legal precedents A. Nightmare videos to show Emotional Distress for my civil suit B. Use You Tube to bring legal system into modern day technology like Zoom. 4. Hopefully a Judge will see the big picture and take me off probation and take off the ankle bracelet WHAT CAUSED me to do the 60 videos? To tell my true story of 1. TORTURE 2. PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR. 3. GORILLA WAR TACTICS 4. EMOTION DISTRESS --Mentally and Physically Judge Padar--I feel you did not know the full extent of my case--especially WHAT CAUSED me to do the 60 videos. What they did to me was attempted murder and you say I'm EXCESSIVE telling what they they did to me. If you knew everything I have in this Letter to Reconsider I feel you would have ruled in my favor. Lombardo made Judge Gentile a criminal and Judge Evans and Assistant DA James Stuart tried to cover up what Lombardo did Judge Gentile and I paid the price. THE FOLLOWING IS A MORE DETAILED BREAKDOWN OF THE 4 CAUSES.

CAUSE 1--TORTURE TORTURE examples on the criminal side etc of the courthouse in a civil divorce. 1. In July 2023 I will be going into the 10th year of my divorce--only married 13 years - plus the 10 year divorce. A late in life marriage. 2. Lombardo and Judge Gentile created 3 conspiracies to steal me blind--They stole $6 1/2 million of my $ 7 million net worth. Their GREED started their downfall into criminal activity against me. 3. I have been been in front of 32 Judges in this 9-10 year divorce of which 24 are criminal Judges. Judge Padar -you are the 24th. 99 % of divorces have one divorce judge only. 4. How many divorces does a Judge and prosecuting attorney murder you family member? 5. How often does a Judge rape your mentally ill wife in a civil divorce? I have not named this Judge hoping he would come forward and admit guilt. I called him in his chambers and he quit as a Judge. See my website for circumstantial evidence. When Lombardo and Gentile raided my private investigators to see if I had evidence they were raping my wife-they found out who he was. 6. How many divorces do Judges commit 18 felonies against you ? 7. How many divorces do Judges commit 45 violations of your civil rights? All this is in my write ups. 8. How often does the Florida Legislature change the law in the middle of your divorce and probation violation to try to find you guilty of another crime? 9. I've done everything I can to stop Lombardo and Gentile - by disbarring and impeaching - all this is legal and they say I'm threatening them , hurting them, and harassing them. They have to lie and make up charges because I have done nothing wrong. 10. How often in a divorce do you have to deal with a kangaroo court--a farse by Judge Mary C Evans. Lombardo ran over her. Most of my civil divorce was criminal 11. How often do you have to deal with the Black Robe Society where Judges-Evans- cover up crimes of other Judges--Gentile. 12. How often is a person put in jail on a probation violation that is longer time in jail than the original crime 5 months to 22 months. 13. How often do you have to work with a criminal defense attorney --Derek Verdaramo-that won't defend you so he can get favoritism on future cases with Assistant DA James Stuart. Stuart is a murderer and runs over everyone illegally. 14. How often is a person denied the right to find an attorney--twice in my case- How often does a multi- millionaire have to use a public defender? 15.. How often in a divorce do you fear for your life? 16. How often do you find a Judge -Gentile- promoting statutory rape of your mentally wife - when he knows another Judge is having sex with my wife Lombardo and Gentile are perverts. Lombardo got a restraining order against me in Gentile's courtroom so his client--Paul Desantaganese- could rape my mentally ill wife. Lombardo is a PIMP and charging both Paul and myself financially. to allow Paul to rape my mentally ill wife. How many guys get restraining orders to have sex with someone's wife. Paul is a bald nerd. 17. How often does a Judge threaten you in his courtroom ? Gentile did this this to me after he was recused. Listen to audio. I was investigating the thief and he charged me with a felony 3 just for sitting in his public courtroom. One of my original charges for aggravated stalking. 18. Gentile also threatened me in his courtroom when he was my Judge. I told Gentile my wife can work and doesn't need alimony. He yelled at me and said shut up or Ill put you in jail See transcripts. 19. How often does a Judge perjure herself from the bench? Biased Evans lied I had a private investigator sitting in her driveway. she didn't go out and talk to him or get his card. She lied See transcript from my private investigator in her courtroom denying it. 20. How often do you deal with a Judge--Evans- who uses hate crimes against you--ruling out of hate because I'm taking down 2 corrupt Judges. She gave away 90 % of my net worth out of hate to get even--Very biased. This is about AGE and not religion or race. It took me 40 years to save this. 21. How often are you involved with the biggest corruption case in US history? 22. I can;t vote or travel outside the US. 23. How often does a Judge think your case is so bazaar and outrageous she makes you take a competency test? 24. How often is a person put in jail 9 times when they have never committed a crime. I keep fighting for Justice and they keep putting me in jail so I can't fight them legally --Obstruction of Justice. I have been in jail 22 months this time when I put my true case on You Tube. 25. How often is is the Naples corrupt legal system MANIPULATED so they can put you in jail at will. They are desperate--I have evidence to convict. 26. How often is your division of assets the most lopsided in US history--by Judge Mary C Evans This is sick--how could the following happen--only out of hate by Evans--a very corrupt Judge. My wife brought into the marriage from her first divorce settlement- $400,000 and I brought in millions of dollars. We had $7 million dollars at the start of the divorce 6-2014. Only married 13 years. Evans divided the money like this. Anita--$4,700,000--Lombardo $1,600,000-Myself $650,000 which includes my Phoenix home--and my attorney Lisa Kirby $150,000. My wife recently bought a $85,000 BMW and I have to keep selling assets. My divorce is still not over. Lombardo now wants me to pay another $130,000 out of my $650,000. 27 How often does the Court of Appeals deny your case with this lopsided division of assets--murder-rape etc. Instead of giving me justice they preferred to protect the legal integrity of the court system and cover up the corruption of the 20th. The Court of Appeals is now corrupt. 28 Judge Evans is more corrupt than Gentile and Gentile is a thief-a rapist-and a murderer. 29 Lombardo and Gentile kicked me out of my Wisconsin home when my wife had the Florida home and the Chicago condo. She didn't show up with her lover so Lombardo charged me about $5,000.00 rent a month for another place for her. Lombardo runs over Judges. 30. Lombardo sanctioned my divorce attorney and threatened my Merrill Lynch wealth manager that he would lose his job. Lombardo also put another guy in jail --Randy Place -in his divorce Randy won't speak to us we think because Lombardo would maybe take his kids away from him if he talks. 31 Lombardo made fun of my new tombstone I had installed in 2019. I thought it was over when I got out of jail 12-7-2018. Lombardo did this in front of corrupt Judge Evans 32 Lombardo and Gentile allowed my mentally ill wife -who is an attorney-but never practiced- to buy a house in Naples with joint money and put it in her name only and then a fake name. GREED and FRAUD by my wife. You can do anything with corrupt Judges. This purchase happened when I was on my deathbed in Wisconsin. Anita was to live in our Chicago condo. 33. My mentally ill wife put both of her boys in jail 15 times each before they were 14. She did this by faking domestic violence. I didn't know this when we married. See boys emails to me. Both boys hate their mother from their very young ages-I tried to right he ship and lost. The oldest boy just got married and didn't invite his mother to the wedding--I gave a speech and his real dad didn't. Nice guys finish last. Dealing with a mentally ill wife almost took my life---had 6 heart operations. Then here comes Lombardo and Gentile. I'm happy I'm still alive at 77. 34. The divorce started 6-14 My last heart ablation was 10-2015. Judge Greider, Beth the Fraud Vogelsang and Mark Silverio all quit when a $150,000 discrepency was found. Judge Grieder sided with a big law firm on Beth the Fraud changing the signed Settlement agreement. Intent was there--I'm an out of stater. Then Lombardo and Gentile came in Lombardo and Gentile knew my wife was mentally ill and I was ill. This is where Elder Abuse began intentionally by Lombardo and Gentile. We had a signed Settlement agreement 10-2015 also. Lombardo had my wife perjure herself differently than the settlement agreement. GREED began for my millions by Lombardo and Gentile. Where is there justice in corrupt Florida legal system 35. Judge Padar- THIS IS A BREAKDOWN OF THE FALSE AGGRAVATED STALKING CHARGES WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE THAT LEAD TO FELONY MURDER BY THE GANG OF 6 see my website. Most people look at Judges with high respect--example Your Honor You would think Gentile and Lombardo would call my 91 year old sister and apologize for killing her husband but no--Gentile is above the law. Stuart and Gentile said my charges as I discuss below are malicious -to do harm-and felonies and so called Aggravated Stalking. I plead to what I did that are not even misdemeanors. I plead to no criminal activity. They lied and made them Aggravated Stalking charges with the help of my attorney--Verdaramo who should be disbarred. Gentile was stealing me blind with Lombardo. Gentile promoted statutory rape if my mentally ill wife. Gentile knew my wife was having sex with another Judge-so Gentile raided my private investigators office to see if I ad evidence he was raping my wife. On the way to my sisters in Pine Island I drove by Gentiles house in Cape Coral on a public street to see if my wife was there to see if Gentile was screwing her. He didn't see me drive by-nothing malicious or harm. I TOLD Mike McDermott of the JQC in a letter what Gentile was doing. McDermott would not help me and sent my letter to Gentile Gentile charged me with a felony 3 on what i TOLD McDermott in a letter. This is the first false charge of Aggravated Stalking. No one would help me--The JQC wouldn't help. The sheriff's office wouldn't help because of Sheriff Lathrup. The States Attorneys office wouldn't help because of James Stuart. All 3 are part of the Gang of 6. This is why I tried to investigate Gentile on my own when I was in town from Wisconsin. I have the right to investigate criminals. How many guys want their wives raped especially one who is mentally ill. Many families investigate themselves in finding lost kids and criminals.The second false aggravated stalking charge. I innocently sat in Gentile;s public court room after he was recused. I sat there to investigate if he was biased against others like he was me --nothing malicious or harm. Anyone can sit in a public courtroom. Gentile saw me and he reamed me out and said approach the bench. I said I would if we could be GENTLEMEN. Listen to audio. Gentile threatened me in his courtroom. Gentile charged me with a felony 3 for sitting in his public courtroom. This is the second false charge that led to felony murder with no probable case. Lombardo told Judge Crown these false charges and that I was going to gangbang Lombardo's wife. ALL LIES And the US Marshalls were sent out. I have been in jail over 2 years on these false charges. I shouldn't be in jail or on probation to violate probation.

CAUSE 2 PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR Psychological Terror by Lombardo etc is the following: Mind games, mental illness, out right Lying to Judges etc, Fear mongering or making others think you will hurt or kill someone, Twisting the truth and having people Perjure themselves on the stand. 1. With all Lombardo and Gentile etc have done to me they try to BREAK ME mentally and physically to do something wrong so they can put me in jail longer and longer hoping I die in jail which is Attempted murder. I am not breakable - I do what is right. I go by the law. They don't go by the law. They are desperate to keep doing what they are doing to me as I state in this Letter to Reconsider. I'm of sound mind. I have the stamina, courage and wisdom to withstand the WICKED. 2. Lombardo is a pathetic liar--Legal malpractice. very unethical. Lombardo even lectures on my case. It would be interesting to hear one of his lectures compared to what I say here. 3. Even thou I don't have a criminal record- Chris Lombardo, Judge Gentile, Assistant DA James Stuart and Judge Evans have made me out to be a violent convicted felon to cover up their crimes--DEFAMATION. They have done this to impress Judge Padar or any criminal Judge. Lombardo is a sado-masochist- he loves to inflict pain and watch you suffer, Lombardo is like Charles Manson and Gentile, Evans and Stuart are his disciples. Lombardo runs over Judges. The proof is in the pudding-Lombardo stated in open court in front of Judge Padar that his son-Zack- wants no part of his dad's family law practice. Lombardo is a savage. He will kill to win a divorce case. He is the killing partner of Woodward, Pires and Lombardo. 4. Lombardo had 7 people lie I was going to murder them. Examples He had Sheriff Lathrup lie my fiction book and my nightmares were going to come to life and I was going to kill people-see his report. Lombardo had my wife perjure herself that I took a knife to her throat--See the transcripts. He had one of my wives bald lovers say I was gong to kill him--see police report. 5. Lombardo also tortures you and uses what I call gorilla war tactics to win divorce cases as I discuss below--Very unethical. These tactics are what happen in Third World Countries and not in the US. Remember this is a divorce and not a criminal case. Lombardo has to win at all costs. He doesn't care about collateral damage like murder. He should be disbarred immediately. Ask my divorce attorney - Lisa Kirby 6. 25% of what Lombardo says to Judges in open court are lies-- many to defame me-gang banging statement. 7. Lombardo twists the truth all the time--Example. When I come to trial from Wisconsin Lombardo would tell the Judge he had to put his house and office on lock down - while he murders my family member, steals my life savings and promotes statutory rape of my mentally ill wife. 8 Lombardo lied I was going to hurt or kill the Merrill Lynch attorney. 9. Lombardo had his accountant lie in front of Judge Mary Evans he was a CPA to believe him more. She didn't care.. Biased. The accountant of Kaufman Rossin should not be able to be and accountant or future CPA. He should have quit with all the corruption by Lombardo. The accountant charged me $150,000 -Lisa Kirby charged me $150,000 in 8 years she represented me as my divorce attorney. 10 I had some gang members in jail as body guards to protect me in jail. Lombardo and Gentile stated I was going to use them outside of jail to kill them when they were only for protection in jail. Gentiles wife was very upset about this -A lie by her husband. I'm in jail now with gang members from at least 5-6 gangs. Lombardo and Gentile bad mouth gang members. Most of the guys in jail have no respect for authority-so most who know my case are behind me because I'm fighting corrupt judges and prosecuting attorneys. 11. Unfit Judge Gentile compared me to the Parkland Florida murderer in front of Chief Justice Williams. That kid killed 17 people. I have never hurt anyone in my life. Fear mongering 12. Unfit Judge Gentile told Judge Padar I was going to recruit gang members worldwide to hurt or kill them when I put my case on You Tube. I feel Judge Gentile and Stuart had Van Elswick to change the transcripts to say I was looking international for something. This worldwide recruiting comment could cause a riot with gang members. 13. Lombardo, Gentile and Stuart kicked me out of Florida for 10 years so I can't hurt them or kill them or find Florida attorneys. So I had to use You Tube to try to find civil rights attorneys or a corruption attorney out of Florida. 14. They put an ankle bracelet on me for 10 years so I can't sneak up and hurt them to make me look violent. 15. I have 6 false restraining orders against me so I have a difficult time communicating. See my violation of probation hearings, They want me to look violent which is a conspiracy by all. 16. Put me in jail 9 times to make me look violent. 17. Put me in jail in high risk cell blocks when I have never committed a crime in my life. 18. Lombardo told Judge Crown I was going to gang bang Lombardo's wife because I said my wife and I our snowbirds and not separated. This is a major twisting of the truth. They sent out the US Marshalls on this statement and the 2 false charges by Lombardo. If Mike McDermitt of the JQC would have helped me with Gentile this felony murder never would have happened--that is why he is part of the Gang of 6. 19. Lombardo, Gentile and Stuart lied that my false charges for my original crime was aggravated stalking and Felony 3s and they were not even misdemeanors. 20. Even thou Lombardo, Gentile and Stuart tried to make me look like a violent convicted felon, Stuart had Verdaramo - my criminal defense attorney lie to me that I would NOT be a convicted felon if I did not go to trial to tell all about the corruption. Favoritism by Stuart and Lombardo. Verdaramo is a local attorney and under the control of Stuart. Verdaramo lied to me when I paid him $28,000 to go to trial. When I got to my home in Wisconsin I found out I was a convicted felon. Verdaramo should be disbarred--Stuart put in prison for life for felony murder. 21. I should not be on probation to violate probation. 22. Lombard posted most wanted signs of me. 23. Lombardo lied that my wives false domestic violence charges were true and he put me in jail. He had seen my step sons emails --on my website. My wife put both her sons in jail 15 times each before they were 14. All these charges were faking domestic violence. My wife is mentally ill. She is behind all the false charges of me by Lombardo and even the false charges that led to felony murder. 24. Lombardo and Gentile told Judge Padar I was going to hurt, threaten and harass them when I was just telling my true story on You Tube on what they did to me. 25. Lombardo lied I blocked his office driveway and called 911. He lied I was going to hurt or kill him. 26. Lombardo and Gentile raided my private investigators office and found out the judge who was having sex with my wife. 27. After I put my case on You Tube -Stuart told my over 55 crime free subdivision president that I was a convicted felon to get me kicked out. I told the President I would leave if they bought my house in a week. They backed off. 28. States attorney Amira Fox lied to Governor Desantis and Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Canady that I threatened Stuart-who is a murderer. This is a lie, This was done on the change of venue to the 12th, . Then Fox promoted Stuart-a murderer. 29. Lombardo and Gentile and Evans try to demoralize you by stealing all your money so you can't fight back financially. 30. It is very stressful keeping up with all this greed, fraud and criminal activity. I'm happy I'm still alive at 77. 31. Dealing with a mentally ill wife is mind boggling. She was a criminal before I married her. She beat up her first husband and he filed charges. I didn't know this. She never wore her wedding ring our entire marriage. She would rather lose her kids for life than work on her mental illness. Her mood swings would be so bad we couldn't socialize. These mood swings got really bad in about the 11th year of our 13 years together. This is when she started yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs, frothing at the mouth and nose---very sad. I didn't know who she was. This is when my 6 heart operations began for A-fib that can cause strokes. This is very stressful. Stress is a silent killer. It didn't end. She lied to me to get her to marry her, She was planning our divorce before we married. A gold digger. My marriage should have been annulled and now look what happened. 32. Lombardo and Gentile try to defame you and INDIRECTLY destroy your mind with this PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR hoping you have a stroke and die. 33. You can see they have intentionally done a lot to me-trying to BREAK ME-to cover up their crimes. It is tough to survive this PSYCHOLOGICAL TERROR in your 70's. They want me dead so I don't file any future lawsuits against them. All of this is Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress for my civil suit and Attempted Murder on the criminal side.

CAUSE 3 GORILLA WAR TACTICS 1. I call Gorilla War Tactics what Lombardo, Stuart, Judge Evans and Judge Gentile, etc use on me like we live in a Third World Country 2. Remember this is a civil divorce turned ugly. These criminals are desperate so they try to do away with me--however they can do it. 3. Murder, Rape, Steal, Lie or bear false witness, Adultery and Covet others's wife by the above in number 1. All of these are against the 10 Commandments This is just a few of their crimes against me and my family. 4. Lombardo runs rogue and is an uncaged gorilla. That is why I spell gorilla gorilla. He needs to be put in prison for life. 5. They put me in jail 9 times even thou I have no criminal record or done any criminal acts. They want me to die in prison so I can't keep fighting their corruption. 6. They keep coming after me with a vengeance - because they are very guilty. I have evidence to convict. 7. They can manipulate the legal system and put me in jail at will. I can't. I use legal remedies like disbarment with the Florida Bar and impeachment with the JQC. Both are worthless organizations and are figureheads only. 8. False charges, false arrests, false imprisonment. They arrested me on false charges each time and put me in shackles and chains in front of my neighbors. Lombardo used old faking false domestic violence charges to put me in jail. My wife is behind all the false charges by Lombardo. I tried to settle my divorce with Lombardo-I called, texted and emailed him and he put me in jail for cyber stalking. He does this to continue the divorce for more fees. Unethical. 9. They make up false charges which are false arrests that I'm hurting them, threatening them and harassing them. ALL LIES. I've never been in a fight in my life. 10. I go to the FBI in Wisconsin to turn in their corruption in Florida. The FBI calls Sheriff Lathrup in Ft Myers and he lies that I have felony charges against me. A LIE. The FBI puts me in jail for 5 days in Wisconsin and they release me. A week later I go to my cardiologist in Wisconsin and he tells me if I don't get away from this disastrous divorce situation I will die. He wrote a letter I should not be incarcerated because of my heart problems. They had a copy of this letter but kept putting me in jail. I then go on a tour of the US seeing family without my I-phone and I-pad. Florida makes me a fugitive and I didn't know it. This is when they send out the US Marshalls --OVERKILL. Lombardo tells Judge Crown I'm going to gang bang Lombardo's wife and the other 2 false charges I have discussed and the US Marshals are sent out. They used about 15 US Marshalls to raid my 87 sister and brother in law's house in Georgia. - on false charges with no probable cause. With the shock and trauma of the raid my brother in law had a stroke later, home hospised and died shortly thereafter. With all the false arrests and raids I have a bad case of PTSD and major chest pains off and on I shake .when I see a police officer thinking I will be falsely arrested again. 11. Assistant DA Stuart destroyed the video of the US Marshall raid and Stuart carried out the raid instigated by Lombardo and Gentile etc.Felony murder by Lombardo, Gentile, Lathrup, Stuart, my ex and Mike McDermott. 12. Stuart changed the arrest warrant after the fact. See my website. They were to arrest me in Florida only but they arrested me in Georgia and Stuart changed it. 13. I had a paddy wagon ride from hell for days-taking convicts from jail to jail. Little food water or air in Florida in July. Shackled and chained the entire trip. Beat up by a double murderer. One stop on the trip we stayed in a jail where you shit in a hole I was also ordered to keep pulling up the pants of child molester. He had walked into Burger King naked asking if this was the home of the whopper? 14. Lombardo and Gentile , Evans committed 18 felonies against me and my family. Rape, murder, grand larceny, etc. 15. They committed 45 violations of my civil rights --can't vote , can't travel out side the US All 45 are cruel and unusual punishment. 16. I tell the truth on You Tube of my true story and they say my telling the truth is harassment and they put me in jail. 17. Stuart changed my probation papers and rules in 8-2021 and different than 12-7-2018 when released.. and met with probation. 18. They had the Wisconsin police keep harassing me at my Wisconsin home. 19. I also have a torn rotator cuff because of probation restraints. 20. Before the ankle bracelet they put tracking devices on my car. 21 I have to wear a 10 year ankle bracelet. I have worn it 2 1/2 years plus 2 years in jail. 22. I have been kicked out of Florida for 10 years. I can't visit local Florida attorneys - so I used You Tube. 23. I have 6 false restraining orders against me for 10 years to make me look violent and control my free speech on You Tube. 24. In jail they put me in high risk cell blocks with murderers, rapists, child molesters--so I have body guards in jail. Jail is a mental ward and homeless shelter-many mentally ill with many disorders. Many gangs in jail I only met them in jail. Some of the guys I have met in jail now--one raped small children, one stabbed a lady 59 times with a screwdriver, one is a cannibal and eats people, another caught with enough drugs to kill 20,000 people. About 4 others have committed negligent homicide. One guy got upset and threw his helper on the back of a garbage truck into the truck and he got squashed. In bible study I learned how to steal cars - you test drive 2 cars and make duplicate keys of older cars and then you get 2 hookers high on drugs and let them steal the cars 25 I have had to deal with the sex circuit in Naples, Florida --Rape, promoting rape, gang banging, pimps, hookers etc 26. Keep in mind I have helped about 25 guys in jail with their legal cases during my 2 years in jail and I believe 6-7 are innocent and shouldn't be in jail. 27. When the divorce started we had 4 homes worth about $2,200,000. Had to sell 3 to payoff legal fees etc. I now live in a crime free subdivision in a house worth maybe $150,000 28. Stuart told Verdaramo my 2 felony charges were concurrent and changed them to consecutive in front of the judge. Verdaramo did nothing. 29. Stuart probably paid Van ElsWick to change the transcripts of the judge Padar hearing when Gentile said I was recruiting gang members world wide to hurt or kill on You Tube. 30. All the above was done to make me look violent so I couldn't proceed to stop their crimes legally. I do everything legally. 31. All the above is very EXCESSIVE by them. It is Elder Abuse--I'm 77, Malicious Prosecution, Cruel and unusual punishment, Torture, Psychological Terror, Gorilla War Tactics , Judicial Abuse, Abuse of Power, Hate crimes, obstruction of justice and all fall under Attempted Murder.

CAUSE 4 EMOTIONAL DISTRESS--PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY 1. My entire case is Emotional Distress See all 4 CAUSES 2. Had 6 heart operations during 9-10 year divorce 3. Became diabetic 1 -- this time in jail and on and off insulin--Metformin is helping. 4. Torn rotator cuff 5. Beat up by a double murderer 6. Stayed 2 weeks in jail this time in a 2 man cell with a guy with Covid 19. 7. Bad nightmares 8. A very bad case of PTSD 9. All very stressful -Stress is a silent killer. The 5 months I spent in jail from 7-2018 til 12-2018 was the closest I have come to death and why I purchased my tombstone. Being made a fugitive, the US Marshal Raid, the paddy wagon ride from hell, chest pains, beat up by a double murderer and 5 months in jail with bad characters about dd me in. I'm in my 70s. All of the above are the 4 CAUSES on why I did my 60 videos--to tell my true story and my legitimate purpose is to show all this can cause a stroke and death All of the above 4 CAUSES are Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress for my civil suit and Attempted Murder for my criminal suit against Lombardo, Gentile etc. I keep fighting Lombardo, Gentile, Stuart and Evans legally and it snowballs on them where they fight back and become criminals. Lombardo made 2 judges criminals --Gentile and Evans I feel the Florida legal system is unfair and antiquated --10 years for a divorce--2 years for a violation of probation. Law schools aren't teaching enough ethics. Florida has so many jails they traffic innocent human beings like myself to fill their many jails for money. Jails should not be profit centers. By 4-5-2023 I will have been in jail 665 days at $300.00 a day. The jail makes $199,500 off me -an innocent man. This is corruption. MY CASE IS A TOTAL MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE. Judge Padar--All of the torture, psychological terror, gorilla war tactics and emotional distress--physically and mentally--All this INDIRECT CONTACT by Lombardo and Judge Gentile, etc and is called Attempted murder. You say I contacted them INDIRECTLY by my telling my true story on You Tube. Isn't attempted murder worse than telling my true story. What they did is criminal and intentional- mine isn't. They were EXCESSIVE and I just told what they did on You Tube. Judge Padar---You went back and looked at my old 60 videos that were taken down 8-2021. Why cant you go back and look at the false original Aggravated Stalking charges. What I did are not even misdemeanors. There has to be some justice. They are desperate so they make up charges against me and I haven't done anything wrong. I should not be in jail now or ever. I should not be on probation to violate probation. Keep in mind I will keep fighting for justice. I was in front of Chief Justice Williams 4 years ago fighting for justice and I will not stop. Even thou my tombstone is purchased and installed there is NO OUT DATE ON IT YET. I'm still kicking at 77 and i will not lose to corruption. I try to go by the quote in the movie--ROCKY. Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit. But about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. I would also like to say that my case is 100 times worse than the movie---FATAL ATTRACTION. Judge Padar--Hopefully you see the big picture and reconsider your violation of my probation. Can you please release me from jail and take me off probation with no ankle bracelet Thank You Brent L. Circle BS-MBA-JD.

Cover Letter to Judge Padar

RE- My April 5th 2023 Sentencing Hearing 1. As I write this letter to you -I am pro se. Giovana Upson did a great job for me and has finished as my attorney when you sentenced me. Her ex-husband --Keith Upson-will be my appeals attorney shortly to appeal your Judicial errors as I discuss below. Judge Padar--I have Freedom of Speech--all I did on You Tube was to tell the truth about my 10 year divorce case on what Lombardo, Stuart, Judges Gentile and Evans,etc did to me in which they are very unethical liars and criminals. 2. I had sent you the first Letter to Reconsider and It was compromised or sabotaged. I discussed this with you at the sentencing hearing. It was probably compromised by Assistant DA James Stuart of the 20th circuit. They have detectives read everything I send out of the jail. See below what corrupt things Stuart has done to protect the incompetent Gentile. Stuart is probably the same person who had Van ElsWick change your transcripts of the 11-19-2021 hearing. Van ElsWick was dismissed and now in private practice--He should have been disbarred. I then rewrote the letter and the Second Letter to Reconsider is attached. I can only type emails to one person from the jail so I rewrote it. 3. The First Letter to Reconsider was a letter and not a Motion to Dismiss because I'm the only one who knows my entire case. You and Giovana only knew 5-10 % of my entire case but you made your decision to violate me on my ENTIRE case. You both only knew if I directly or indirectly contacted someone by You Tube. Judge Padar--so I sent you the Letter to Reconsider telling you the truth about my ENTIRE case. After you read this you will realize that the 4-5-2023 hearing was a Character Assassination of lies by Lombardo, Gentile and my Ex. Today this Second Letter to Reconsider - that is attached- can be called a Motion to Dismiss because at the moment I am pro se. 4. This attached Letter to Reconsider is a condensed version of my speech to you when you cut me off for a competency test. That speech was a condensed version of my 60 videos. 5. Judge Padar- You did not take into consideration that my case is a Change of Venue because of the CONFLICT OF INTEREST with Lombardo and Judge Gentile and my credible evidence of Grand Larceny, Felony Murder and promoting Statutory Rape of my mentally ill wife against them. . To have a Change of Venue it had to be approved by Governor Desantis and Chief Justice Canady of the Supreme Court of Florida. They found my case credible of their Conflict of Interest to grant a Change of Venue. 6. Lombardo hired Gentile right out of law school and they created a conspiracy to steal my millions--see Judge Evans horrible distribution of my assets in my Second Letter to Reconsider. Lombardo and Gentile are a tag team of evil-now in my sentence hearing and also a tag team in the past as I discuss in the second Letter to Reconsider. Lombardo and Gentile are partners in crime -bedfellows-and their character assassination of me on 4-5-2023 was a COMBO effort - but made by them on the ENTIRE CASE and not just the direct and indirect part of the case that you knew. Judge Padar- you listened to Lombardo and Gentile talking about the ENTIRE CASE of their lies of lockdowns of their offices, homes and courthouse and my supposed gangbang of Lombardo's wife--but you would not listen about the murder of my 91 year old sisters husband by Lombardo and Gentile. This is shocking by a criminal judge. Your mind was made up even before I spoke. This is suppose to be a sentencing about direct and indirect contact on You Tube--not a character assassination of lies by Lombardo and Gentile. 7. Judge Gentile is incompetent. -- look at his unethical statements and fear mongering . Lombardo is the most unethical attorney in the US. Judges and attorneys are not above the law. Lombardo and Gentile are unethical and criminals. I'm not. Lombardo and Gentile are very guilty of many crimes and are going to prison for years so they try to make me out to be this violent person and you believed them. You gave me the max in prison on lies of murderers. I have done nothing wrong. Judge Padar- you have made a poor judgement of character. You ruled in favor of a black robe Judge who is a criminal and not in favor of an executive of s major corporation--myself. 8. judge Padar-I am not a violent person . It is their word against mine and they are facing major felony charges and I am not. Your honor-I have no criminal record. I have no MRVs in jail (minor rules violations), I have never been put in the hole in jail and I have never been in a fight in my life. I do pro bono legal work for the poor through my church. 9. Judge Padar--I keep my cool as I go by the law and not as stated in their 4-5-2023 character assassination of me. I have kept my cool in your courtroom. I tell the truth so I don't need to take the Fifth or worry about self incrimination. I'm an outstanding citizen, well educated, from a great family of faith and I worked for one of the best companies in the world for 30 years. I was worth $7 million and they have little and ready to retire so they a create a conspiracy to steal my millions as I fight back legally and ethically. You Tube scared them with the truth and made them accountable. I feel every attorney in Collier County knows what they did to me. Since I have done nothing wrong- they double down lying I'm this violent person to put me in jail longer and longer so I die in jail. I'm 77. You believed their lies of character assassination of me and they are thieves and murderers They lie I'm hurting them, threatening them, stalking them, harassing them and THEY HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF THIS VIOLENCE--JUST THEIR LIES. Please reread the transcripts of 4-5-2023 and it will be the first page of my civil DEFAMATION law suit against them. It's tough to fight a black robe judge and his past law firm associate - who both lie to another judge. But hopefully you will believe the truth in my attached Letter to Reconsider and not their character assassination . The truth will set you free. 10 Please see my website on how my wife fakes domestic violence. Listen to the audio where I sat in Gentile's courtroom and I was a GENTLEMAN and Gentile threatened me. Christian White - the public defender has the audio. Look at my actual charges for so called aggravated staking-They are not even misdemeanors and Stuart changed them to Felony 3's. It has to be malicious and possible body harm to be aggravated. They have NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE against me-JUST THEIR LIES . Please see the distribution of my assets by Judge Evans--Grand Larceny-White Collar crime Visit my 91 year old sister's house and see the urn of my brother in law. Look at the transcripts of their promoting statutory rape of my mentally ill wife. Look at the 18 felonies and 45 violations of my civil rights they have done against me. See the second Letter to Reconsider attached about the torture, psychological terror and gorilla war tactics where they try to stop me in my legal fight for justice. Judge Padar--You can speak to my divorce attorney--Lisa Kirby- but she is scared of Lombardo. Please see my website --the 2 emails from my stepsons where they tell of their mothers mental illness and faking domestic violence. Look at my second video on what she did to me. My ex wife is not a credible witness. Her mental illness was the main reason for my 6 heart operations and Lombardo and Gentile took advantage of her mental illness and my poor health - 3 Conspiracies-Elder Abuse-Perjury by my wife and Grand Larceny of my millions of dollars by Lombardo and Gentile. 11. Judge Padar You ruled against me on a violation of probation from a case from another state which is a CONFLICT OF LAWS. This is a Florida case. 12. Assistant DA James Stuart of Collier County changed my non criminal charges into Felony 3s or Aggravated Stalking charges. He probably got Van ElsWick fired for changing your 11-19-2021 transcripts. Stuart also changed the arrest warrant from Florida to Georgia after the fact--see document on my website. He headed up the raid of my private investigators office. Stuart destroyed the videos of the US Marshal Raid and he carried out the murder of my brother in law. All this criminal activity by Stuart was told to do by Lombardo and Gentile to protect the incompetent Gentile and the legal integrity of the Florida legal system. Judge Padar--you believed murderers over me when you know I have evidence to convict them. How do you fight these lies and manipulation of the corrupt 20th circuit. 13. I feel Van ElsWick changed your 11-19-2021 hearing transcripts because they thought the incompetent Gentile would cause a riot with gang members because of his lies. Gentile said I put my case on You Tube to recruit gang members worldwide to hurt or kill them and they changed the transcripts to international. I have body guards in jail and some are gang members. They protect me in jail and Lombardo and Gentile twist this that I'm going to use the gang members to hurt or kill them when they are to protect me only. They twist the truth like this all the time and Judge Padar--you believed them. These are out right lies by Lombardo and Gentile. They steal my money and kill my brother in law but they say they put their offices and the courthouse on lockdown when I come to trial from Wisconsin. To take the heat off them--they lie about me. I'm writing a book in jail called Florida is a Death Trap. It is mainly about corruption in the legal system. One chapter is about life in jail with gang members. I breakdown the difference of gangs, mafia members and cartels and they are not happy with Gentile's comments. Lombardo and Gentile associate gangs with killing and hurting them which is outlandish. They try to take the word gang and twist it to be something bad about me. They do this all the time and you believe them. Lombardo is a pathological liar. Many guys in jail who are in gangs are from broken homes and they form gangs of friends as their family. Some guys in prison form gangs of friendship for protection like I have body guards in jail. . To be very honest I can't tell who is a gangmmber or not. I look for big young guys to protect me in jail. There are a lot of crazy people in jail who have mental issues, anger issues and lifers who have nothing to lose so thy form gangs for protection. Sometimes there are bad apples in the gangs like Lombardo is as an attorney. Lombardo is one reason there are so many bad jokes about attorneys. . 14. Judge Padar -I did not knowing violate my probation. I never got a plea agreement until 8-2021 in jail when and it was 12-7-2018 when I plead to non criminal activity as told to me to do by my criminal defense attorney - Verdaramo and that I was not a convicted felon so I wouldn't go to trial to tell about all the corruption. I fired Verdaramo one week later -12-14-2018 when I was told I was a convicted felon in Wisconsin. Stuart put him up to this for favoritism. I never received a plea agreement about social media. Stuart has gone over board to protect the incompetent Gentile. 15. Judge Padar--By your ruling against me you have brought the corruption and crimes of the 20th circuit into your bosses -Chief Justice Williams 12 circuit. This is something we don't do in the business world. 16. My neighbor in my jail dorm got about the same time in prison for armed robbery when all I did was to put my true case on You Tube. Tough to fight corruption. 17 Judge Padar--I'm telling the truth. I would not dedicate my fight for justice to Mr Walgreen the 3rd if I was lying. There has to be justice somewhere. 5 years in jail for telling my true story on You Tube - only in corrupt Florida. After reading my Letter to Reconsider you now know the truth Please reconsider and dismiss my case and take me off probation. Thank You Brent Circle BS, MBA, JD.