Prison Tales #1

Prison Tales #1

The Con Artist

A guy in my prison dorm came up to me with foggy eyes asking me if I had heard of the Top 40 Hit List??? He had been smoking or eating something strange that made him to not function properly. I said I had listened to the Top 40 Hit Music List most of my life. He said: "No, I mean the Top 40 Hit List of inmates who are going to be killed or stabbed".
I asked how could that be? He said he was number 2 on the hit list, but if I gave him $270, he could pay off the bad guy and be off the hit list.

What should I do??? I can't use Cash App? I can't squeal??? No no, I keep my nose clean!

Conflict of Interest?

It is well known within the circles of friendly inmates that a Judge and a Sheriff in Florida own a prison in the county they work. The definition of corruption is using public power for private gain.
A probable conversation of the corrupt Judge to the corrupt sheriff:

Judge, we have five empty cells. We are losing money.
Sheriff, put innocent people in jail like they do in corrupt Naples Florida. I want to be like the Naples , Florida Judges. They are my Idols.

What should I do? Stay tuned. I'm fighting corruption in Naples. Should I extend my area of corruption? why not!
Florida is a very corrupt state and has more inmates incarcerated per capita than any state in the union and more per capita than any place in the world. Stay tuned as my idea of prison strongly changes this.


A fellow inmate in prison that I worked with in the kitchen, Christian Martinez aka Kiko, was telling me about the fifteen different gangs who were fighting over different territory or block beefs in Orlando.
This reminded me of Russia taking over Ukraine and the Israel- Gaza conflict. I said "Who cares". Love thy Neighbor and be friends and use each others streets like an easement. He said no way. His block was Graceview street and they want their own streets for respect, money, drugs and women.

Stay tuned as I delve into the Wars of the Streets of Orlando called Warlando!

We don't need attorneys in divorces or car accidents

Both should have a Florida Judge and 2 accountants that travel the state so it is not easy to payoff the local Judges.
There are 2,500,000 bribes a year to judges in the US. There would be many judges and traveling accountants that travel the state of Florida, but the accountants and judges change off for different cases. We need to stop corruption.
A divorce and a car accident are traumatic events by themselves. Why do you need vulture attorneys involved like Morgan & Morgan Law and Chris Lombardo. Lombardo charged me $1,700,000 in divorce fees. This is probably a typical conversation with Johnny Morgan and the insurance agent:

Thank God my client is insured or I wouldn't take the case.
Hey Mr Insurance agent. This is Johnny Morgan of Morgan & Morgan Law, the largest personal injury lawyers in the US. We are FOR THE PEOPLE. You may have seen one of our 1000 TV ads we have every day on TV. You see my wife and I on TV, but not our three boys because we're embarrassed to have them on TV.
Mr Insurance agent, have you heard of me? I'm next to God and we need a great settlement. Are you listening Mr Insurance agent? My client lost his right leg in a car accident which is $500,000, many major bruises and scares to his chest and head which is $400,000, plus pain and suffering of $400,000 or a total of $1,300,000.

The insurance agent says:

We will give you $1,000,000.

Johnny thinks for 5 seconds and replies:

We will take it.

Johnny makes 1/3rd of the $1,000,000 or $333,000 for a ten-minute phone conversation. Johnny laughs all the way to the bank as the client lost his leg and was close to death and gets $666,000 and is in misery. Morgan & Morgan would be eliminated with my above plan when we install our new state legislature. The injured would get $1,000,000.
The legal system is antiquated and should be run like a business. You should only be able to advertise five times a day on TV.

See our new future state legislation. See how we change the antiquated legal system and the laws.

The Shitting Judge (not the "sitting" judge)

Many Judges are lucky to be appointed judges and on a salary because they couldn't make it out in the real world of private practice.
There are 107,000 attorneys in Florida and many can't make it or they resort to corruption to make it like a guy who can't get a job so he turns to selling drugs.
My good friend and Florida attorney couldn't make it and sleeps on the couch of his ex-wife without a dime. Judges are not good businessmen and lack efficiency in running their court docket. They take 2-3 shits a day as guys sit in jail 2-4 years for their case to be heard by a shitting judge. Judges should work six days a week from 8AM to 1PM with one 15 minute powder break or a quick shit. Then from 2PM to 6PM in the afternoon with one 15 minute powder break but no shitting. They work 8AM to 1PM on Saturdays.
These judges need to get more done in the courtroom and better control of their bowel movements.
With our new state legislation, their would also be fewer crimes going to trial - similar to other states. Inmates won't have to sit in jail for years while waiting on a shitting judge.

The Legal System needs to be run like a business.

Looking into OnlyFans being pen pals for all 90,000 inmates


Stay tuned for Prison Strong - The Circle Justice Movement

See how inmates with friends and family on social media slow corruption in the legal system, make it easier for defendants in trials, change living conditions in prison and slow recidivism.

When the guilty white collars thugs, judges, DAs and attorneys of Naples, Florida want you, they use character assassination and manipulate the Legal System with a vengeance, but I keep my nose clean and watch as social media takes down the wicked.
All to be continued and updated.