The Black Robe Society

The Black Robe Society

Just think what has happened in my case. Chris Lombardo has made Judge Gentile a criminal so to protect Gentile and protect the legal Integrity of the court system they also have to protect Lombardo.
What I'm going to explain is what is called the Black Robe Society.

To protect Judge Gentile, Judge Mary C Evans had to cover up the crimes of Gentile and Lombardo. This is why I put my case on Youtube to explain the corruption to my family.
The Court of Appeals in Lakeland denied my 10 year lopsided case to protect Judge Gentile and Judge Evans' criminal activity. Lombardo is also protected.
I was happy to get a Change of Venue from the corrupt 20th circuit to the 12th Circuit. However, the Black Robe Society continued to the 12th circuit.

Judge Padar intentionally put an innocent man, me, in prison and she became corrupt along with Chief Justice Williams, who I believe, told her what to do.
They all want to protect the legal Integrity of the court system by not giving me justice.
They all have ruled by hate against me and not by the law. They all became corrupt to protect Judge Gentile. They are all criminals. They should be impeached and disbarred for life.

Judge Padar knew the audio transcripts of Judge Gentile were falsely changed by prosecuting attorney Van ElsWick. That is why he is now in private practice. I will try to disbar him for life.

Prosecuting attorney James Stuart changed my original charges to Felony 3s, and they weren't even misdemeanors. Judge Padar knew all about these changes by these prosecuting attorneys, the rape of my mentally ill wife and the murder of my family member.
She had 3 murderers sitting in front of her, but she put me, an innocent man, in prison for telling the truth about all this corruption, on Youtube.

Padar is saying telling the truth about corruption on Youtube is indirect contact and overrules the actual truth.
Judge Padar didn't care because she is out to GET me. She became a corrupt Judge and a good ol' boy in doing so.

When Chief Justice Williams presided, he gave me a $1 million dollar bond and he didn't know my case, and I doubt, my name.  He only cared about protecting Judge Gentile.

How do you defeat the wicked in the corrupt legal system? In summary,  the 20th Circuit, the Court of Appeals and the 12th Circuit are all corrupt.
Governor DeSantis should impeach and disbar all of them: Judge Gentile, Judge Evans, the 3 Judges on the Court of Appeals, the Judge who raped my wife, Judge Padar and Chief Justice Williams. Lombardo and both prosecuting attorneys should be disbarred for life.