About Me

Brent Circle

As of April 5th 2023, 770 days spent in prison.

My name is Brent Circle. I'm a retired corporate attorney. I'm 77 years old.
As we speak, I'm in prison for 5 years for putting my true story of my 10-year ugly divorce on Youtube. I was married for 13 years.
I should be protected by my First Amendment rights, but not in corrupt Naples, Florida. My case is a total miscarriage of justice and the biggest corruption case in US history.

As I say, my divorce turned ugly where one judge murdered my family member, another judge rape my mentally ill wife, another judge stole 90% of my millions of my dollars, and another judge covered it all up.
I have evidence to convict all of them. They all lied I was a violent person to put me in a violent prison to die.
Judge Padar ruled in favor of the Black Robes who are murderers, rapists and thieves. Many people have been screwed by judges, prosecuting attorneys and had false or wrongful convictions like myself. I have never committed a crime in my life.

Please help me fight corruption. I'm looking for social media experts to spread the word, Legal Advocates for Civil and Criminal Justice Reform and a Corruption attorney.
Please send your thoughts.
If you like to make donations to fight corruption, please donate via GoFundMe.

All my videos on my website are accessible HERE.
My singing and acting on my videos is so bad -- is another reason they put me in prison. I'm David taking on Goliath-the corrupt legal system. I need more David's in my fight for Justice...