Civil Rights violations of the Civil Rights

Civil Rights violations of the Civil Rights

Amendment 1 Violation 1

I put all 60 of my videos on You Tube to tell my true story of my disastrous divorce. This is a true story and not any terrorist act and I'm protected by the Freedom of Speech.

Amendment 1 Violation 2

15 of my 60 videos are my Creative Expression Cartoon videos, which are similar to Saturday Night Live skits and Gieco-Liberty Mutual - Allstate - Farmers- Progressive crazy commercials. Both my acting and singing have a legitimate purpose of telling my true story. My acting and singing are bad in my skits. If Michael Douglas did my skits, they would be good skits. If Taylor Swift did my singing, the singing would be great.
Both good and bad acting and singing are protected by my First Amendment rights of Freedom of Creative Expression. Neither are acts of terror and they put me in jail with no bail.

Amendment 1 Violation 3

Rights to Petition for Redress of Grievances - to right a wrong.
Mr McDermott of the Judicial Qualifications Commission JQC refused to help me. He knew Lombardo and Judge Gentile were stealing me blind and promoting rape of my mentally ill wife. Murder had not happened at that time. The new head of JQC said I had to go through the criminal courts to put Gentile in jail.