Brice Van Elswyck was the Assistant District Attorney of the 12th Circuit on my case in the change of venue from Naples, Florida or the 20th Circuit to Sarasota.

Van Elswyck doctored up the audio of something detrimental stated by judge Gentile in open court in front of judge Padar. Judge Gentile stated I put my true legal case on Youtube to recruit gang members worldwide to kill him. Van Elswyck changed the audio to say judge Gentile said I tried to recruit internationally.

There was a change of venue because of all the conflict of interest and crimes committed by judge Gentile and Chris Lombardo in the 12th circuit.
Lombardo had hired Gentile right out of law school for his firm and both committed 18 felonies against myself and my family including grand larceny and felony murder during my 10-year divorce.
Lombardo's legal fees in my divorce case were $1,700,000 and my attorney's fees were $150,000.
Lombardo and Gentile sent out the US Marshalls without probable cause. The shock and trauma of the raid, my 87 year old brother in-law died shortly thereafter.

All these crimes have been hidden by judge Evans and judge Donna Padar of Sarasota, which is a conspiracy and many years in prison for these two judges.
Brice Van Elswyck was fired, but should be disbarred.

What Van Elswyck had done was illegal, but what Assistant District Attorney James Stuart did to me in the 20th Circuit of Naples was much much worse (see other write-ups).
I just think two prosecuting attorneys should be disbarred, two judges should be impeached in my case, and all be put in prison. That does not include judge Gentile or Chris Lombardo. Judge Gentile is such a guilty judge that many have become criminals to protect him. They all fear the foundation of the legal system will crumble. I think my case is the only case in America where a judge is up for murder.