Legal rape

Legal rape

What is it? It is a term I use to fit my situation in the corrupt Florida legal system.

This a law made up by the corrupt Florida state legislature. The state legislature needs new legislators.
Legal rape is over-sentencing, cruel and an unusual punishment that should be eliminated from the Florida rules of procedure.
This is used in violations of probation that gives a judge the legal right to rape a defendant.
It is inhumane that a judge could put a defendant in prison for years when he didn't even commit a misdemeanor.
It was a whipping tool used by judge Donna Padar to put me in prison for five years out of hate and I did not even commit a misdemeanor.
When someone violates probation, it should be a new charge that violates probation.
Just think about a hateful judge like Donna Padar that can put you in prison for years for:

  • being five minutes late for a curfew
  • opening a container
  • your tail light not working
  • trespassing
  • putting your true case on Youtube as I did, which is free speech
  • your car blinker not working
  • jay walking
  • a speeding ticket

These should be dealt with a fine maybe, or a warning but not prison time.
This is why Florida is the most incarcerated state in the union, in the world, per capita.
It is very risky to visit or live in Florida because of its harsh laws, corrupt legal system and corrupt state legislature.

Probably 10-15% of Florida's prison population would be reduced if legal rape was done away with.