I do everything above the table. Everything is the truth and I have nothing to hide.
In the business world if I wanted to see Mr Walgreen I would make an appointment and go see him.
In the antiquated legal system I can't go meet with a Judge or Assistant DA but they read my emails - which is what I want.
My divorce would be over in a month in the business world, but my divorce is going on 8 years.

I go by the book of ethics. What is that?

1. My law school books on ethics.
2. The bible
3. I come from a very ethical and religious family and
4. I worked for 30 years for one of the best companies in the world. Walgreens. I met every 2 weeks with Mr Walgreen and our hard nosed President where I learned ethics. I had 15 attorneys working on my deals- all from quality law schools. I made millions for Walgreens and I helped make Florida the most profitable state in the union for Walgreens.
5. I try to help others- The Golden Rule. In Phoenix I do pro bono legal work for the poor through my church. All civil work.
6. in jail I have helped about 25 guys with their criminal cases Today I'm working a rape case and a hit and run where a 17 year was killed.
7. Lombardo and Gentile try to break me, defame me, frame me and kill me but my case has made me stronger - I'm self confident because I know what I'm doing what is right.
8. I'm a multi-millionaire and a whistle blower of the truth. I have a BS in Business, and MBA in Business and a JD- a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. Maybe by putting my case on You Tube will bring the legal system up to modern day technology.
9. I could never hide or destroy evidence or lie about someone to get a conviction like Assistant DA James Stuart.
10. I have no criminal record, never done drugs or smoked cigarettes, don't drink alcohol or coffee, never broken my wedding vows and I have been in jail a year because of a corrupt Judge Gentile and his partner in crime- Lombardo, etc. - who murdered Bobby's dad and then manipulates the Assistant DA- Stuart to put me in jail at will. I'm innocent and these murderers are running wild in the streets of Naples, Florida like the bulls run wild in Polognia, ? Spain.
11. My case is unbelievable- my case is insane -not me. How many CIVIL divorce cases do you up in front of 24 criminal judges, put in jail 9 times, there are 18 felonies committed against you, Judges who work in the sex circuit, 45 violations of your civil liberties, 21 outright lies about you, blocked 20 different ways to get justice by an Assistant DA., and breaking 5 of the 10 Commandments.

There are many things going on in my case.
Many of the attorneys in Naples have to be corrupt to put bread on the table. There are too many attorneys in Florida. 106,000 attorneys in Florida and 2,500,000 bribes a year to judges in he US. This is why Naples is full of corruption. They have no ethics or morals including Judges. This corruption must stop and that is why I'm trying to set and example in Naples, Florida that could also help stop corruption in others parts of the US.

I'm happy I have the nerve, stamina and courage to do this.